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Published: 2021-07-18 08:45:06
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Violence speech is one of the worst kinds of torture people are facing today under the umbrella of freedom of speech and expression. The speech which damages the minds of the people and takes them to destruction is called violence speech. In law, it is a crime, and my thesis statement is to prove that violent speech must be banned. Our societies have no space to deal with the violence anymore. I support the fact that violent speech must be stopped.Violence speech is not banned because it offends other; neither is it banned because it marginalizes the people from their society. It is banned because it aggravates the violence in the people and increases the number of incidents against many people and targeted groups. Those who already have bad feelings for others get charged, and they cannot control themselves which makes them commit any crime. They become so violent after a speech that they can harm anyone who comes their way.Violence speech is not only said to be abusive and insulting, but it is also threatening to many people. Threatening someone is never justified d in any lawful society. People who use this kind of speech feel that they have freedom to say anything, but they forget that their words are someone’s life and if they do not see them properly, they can hurt people an even be the cause of their death.Considering banning hate speech sounds good because it is the responsibility of any state to protect its residents and give them a peaceful life free from threats. They cannot expect people to stop torturing other, so they have to impose the law to ban it. Banning hate speech will result is decline in the number of crime and discriminatory acts. It will also give hope to the depressed people who have been targeted. The black hole in the law will be filled, and people will lead a life with non-hateful expression.Those who consider that banning violent speech is equivalent to challenging their right to freedom of speech need to understand that the cause of banning is more serious than their right. If the right to express is free, then it demands the human capabilities and human capacities. Also, each speech has the different meaning for different people. A speech which is violence speech for some people might not offend others. It depends on the targeted group. Therefore, it becomes tough to classify any speech as violence speech. However, whatever speech has discrimination, racism, sexism or any other hateful words, it should not be allowed. No one has the right to talk about others according to his perception. It is said by the supporter of violence speech that “speech equals violence” sarcastically because they believe that whatever we say offends anyone in the world so shall we stop talking. However, this is not the way out. Good words never hurt anyone. Being judgmental and criticizing others for their acts, creed, color, and gender does. Therefore, any such speech which is targeted to any person must be stopped. Talking is not a crime until it is not targeted to any person.After analyzing the facts, I prove my stance that it should never be free. Violence speech is the word form of bacteria which is making our society septic. It must be stopped to save the people form hatred. It should never be free because if people are left free. The results can prove havoc to the communities. Therefore, to live a life in peace, hate speech has to be stopped and banning it is the only way out.

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