The Opportunities and the Challenges Offered by the Social Electronic Commerce

Published: 2021-08-02 10:50:08
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IntroductionSocial Electronic Commerce comes under the umbrella of electronic commerce, it is a subset where the social media is involved and other social interactions are supported online. Further, it is also used to assist the users while buying and selling. In a more specific context, it is the use of social network in the context of e-commerce transactions. The social media has offered a variety of avenue for the new businesses to capitalize on. Social commerce takes into account the social media technologies and infrastructure to support online interactions and use contributions in order to assist in the acquisition of products and services. The emerging applications facilitate the use of social media that further give opportunities to the entrepreneurs to integrate the electronic commerce with the social media in order to achieve the maximum benefits.Project Objective This essay aims to explore the opportunities and the challenges offered by the social electronic commerce. As the increase in the popularity of the sites that facilitate the social networking have increased, this has opened up the doors of opportunities for the new entrepreneurs to experiment new business models in order to better capitalize the opportunities of innovation. However, there are many challenges as well.Project ScopeThis essay shall focus on the online technologies and the impact that is created through the integration of social media with the e-commerce. It shall tend to describe the drivers that cause the social commerce to pose challenges and opportunities for the entrepreneur. Further, what role the relationship quality can play in strengthening the social commerce in the benefit of the entrepreneurs and what costs are associated with it.Literature ReviewResearch studies suggest that the role of social media is very important as the social platforms are the important platforms that tend to accelerate the popularity of the business. It is because these social sites are already popular this makes it easier for the business to market themselves to a larger public in no time. In the studies that were conducted in the earlier periods of time it was considered that the use of internet depletes the interpersonal skills of a person and the more a person shall spent time on the internet the more he/she shall face hard time in maintaining his/her interpersonal relationships. However, the recent studies has revealed that the communities that are working online can cause to increase the social values among the users of these communities. Further, internet has now considered as a powerful vehicle to bring proximity within the individual relations (Liang, 2011).Moreover, House (1981) found that the types of online social support that may help to improve efficiency within the working paradigm. In contrast to the traditional forms of ecommerce channels different types of online support can help the business to improve its performance by getting the benefits in these areas that include the work related stress that gets reduced along with the support one gets which may be emotional, informational, and instrumental and appraisal support. Further, Scharefer et al (1981) affirmed the notion that people along with the informational support also require emotional support as well. Thus, this emotional support can be provided by increasing the level of interaction among the users.ReferencesHouse, J.S. Work Stress and Social Support. Reading, MA: AddisonWesley, 1981.Liang, T. P., Ho, Y. T., Li, Y. W., & Turban, E. (2011). What drives social commerce: The role of social support and relationship quality. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 16(2), 69-90.Schaefer, C.; Coyne, J.C.; and Lazarus, R.S. The health-related functions of social support. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 4, 4 (1981), 381–406.Liang, T. P., Ho, Y. T., Li, Y. W., & Turban, E. (2011). What drives social commerce: The role of social support and relationship quality. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 16(2), 69-90.

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