The Music of The Late 1960’s and Its Influence

Published: 2021-08-03 20:00:06
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Music is one of the many forms used by artists to portray a message either in an educative, entertaining or confronting manner. The music of today’s society is taking individuals into another level owing to its existence the work of the past artists all the way from the twentieth century. The past artists introduced music in the early days of 1960’s and below and their music is motivating the generation of today into making music greater. In the music industry, there are some diversified music styles and genres which are mostly a replica of what has existed since music started. The different techniques and types are used to put across a given message depending on the current issues the songwriters or the musicians are finding interest. However, the existence of music is impacting into the society not only positively but also negatively. Hence, the essay seeks to review the music of the late 1960’s and the possible impacts it is bringing to the generation since the time if its existence.In the late 1960’s music was evidently changing in the United States of America. Initially, music that was most popular in the society was rock, and it was the best at that time of the century. As time passes looking at the music that was existing, rock music, progressed even better as 1960 years begun. According to Martin (2015), as the year progresses the blues, folk, beat, pop and psychedelic music took over the original rock music that existed in the years before. The diversity of the rock music that led to the emergence of other forms of rock and roll music stimulated the rise of song producers (Martin, 2015). The producers of the songs took it upon themselves not only to write songs but also to perform the songs they were writing. Drafting of the best songs called for creativity among the artists of the season of 1960. As the year advances, other genres came into the light bringing new change after all in the pop and rock world. Just to mention, some of the types that came into existence up are progressive rock and baroque pop among others (Martin, 2015). Blues as a style of music is not left behind since this type of music was girls’ favorite making the blues genre music associated with females.Due to girls’ love for Blues, RNBs, a group came into existence termed as girls group for the music. Latin American music is as well not left behind since it was popular among those who considered the genre entertaining. However, the growth of the music in the early days of 1960’s created some impacts to individuals and the society at large: First, the music led to crop up of drugs culture among the performing artists which eventually, influenced their supporters into drug usage. The influence to drugs was as a result of the loyalty the fans of these songs had for the artists. Therefore, the followers resort to doing what their peers were engaging in. For instance, for some songs’ success to come through the songwriters’ believed that by using drugs they were in a better position to achieve their goal of producing quality music( Shuker,2017). Consequently, the followers of these musicians copied what their peers did leading to a drug-tolerant society.Secondly, some music genres such as folk music led to a situation of discriminations based on origin. Most folk music was pointing toward communities’ culture, and as a result, singers became biased in the information they were portraying. As stated by Shuker (2017), cultural singing led to the division in the American society especially between the blacks and the whites as the ideas derived from these songs led to the emergence of hatred. On the contrary, some writers of the folk song such as Dylan and Baez took an initiative of fighting for peace and passing across freedom messages through their songs to help curb the differences that were arising.Thirdly, the society became unbearable to some individuals regarding say rules and governance. The rules and regulations probably denied the individuals in the community their rights and freedom. Due to the fact of an unhealthy living environment, most artists felt the urge to look for any possible way of finding relief of the stress they were facing (Shuker, 2017). The American singers, therefore, migrated from writing and playing songs with significant messages to those that would suit the feelings they had for a moment. Instead, the musicians began concentrating in putting down songs that met their interest that is, suites their moods.Consequently, the songs avoided relaying messages that were to help in bringing change for the whole community or world at large. The songs, however, only favored the musicians by selfishly assisting them to gain the feeling of relief. The musicians kept on producing songs were not friendly to the listeners of their songs unless one was only interested in the beats. Finally, on the positive side, the music enhanced creativity and beats. Use of talents among people. The emergence of diversified provided the room for one to grow in their abilities. For instance, one has a personal interest in music had a chance to look across the genres and make decisions to be creative enough to produce a song that will bring change in the society.In conclusion, the music of the late 1960’s raised the basic of music today as many current musicians are deriving their ideas as well as motivation from the past experiences of previous musicians. Music as well as a significant influence to the society today as it was before since it started. The actions of a particular music artist affect the fans of their music directly as they are likely to follow their footsteps. The musicians should take a notion of influencing their peers positively at most times if not all times. The musicians can do this by bringing into the table songs and actions that have the positive critical message just as some past artists did.ReferencesMartin, B. (2015). Avant rock: experimental music from the Beatles to Bjork (Vol. 3). Open Court.Shuker, R. (2017). Popular music: The key concepts. Taylor & Francis

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