The Mission Statement of McDonald’s and Panera Bread

Published: 2021-07-16 01:05:06
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Every organization needs a set of unique ideas and value that make them different and profitable from the rest of the enterprises. Organizations need the mission and vision statements for the development of the strategies and the objectives. These assist in developing their image in public. “Simultaneously, the mission statement serves as an external communication tool to convey the organization’s intentions to the general public” (Bartkus & Glassman, 2008).Various stakeholders study and analyze them to assess the values of the organizations. “In return, those goals become the barometers against which performance is evaluated” (Matejka, Kurke, & Gregory, 1993).These statements contribute much towards their profitability. Mission statements vary from organization to organization in several aspects. Also, their piece, content, and format differ from each other.This paper is going to examine the mission statements and vision statements of two companies in a detailed analysis. Companies are making use of these declarations for decades. “Likewise, more recent literature has revealed the importance of a mission statement by tagging it as a strategic tool and an essential component in strategic planning” (Stone, 1996; Bart, Bontis, & Taggar, 2001). “In addition, as the circumstances surrounding the organization and the environment in which it operates change over time, periodic revisions, reviews, and re-drafting of mission statements is necessary” (David and David, 2003). There are quite a lot of approaches for crafting and amending the mission and vision statements “Other literature has suggested that the mission statement should be unique to an organization and a source of competitive advantage to differentiate it from others” (David & David, 2003). Companies consider nine rules for assessing and developing their statements.McDonald’s mission statement is formally affirmed as: “Our mission is to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat & drink. We’re dedicated to being a great place for our people to work; to be a strong, positive presence in your community; and to deliver the quality, service, cleanliness, and value our customers have come to expect from the Golden Arches – a symbol that’s trusted around the world.”The mission statement of McDonald’s:It is an inclusive and wide-ranging mission statement. In its mission statement, McDonald’s embraces particulars about its market position, as made known in the “favorite place and way to eat & drink” part. Moreover, the human resource management view is tinted in the “great place for our people to work” part. Also, “McDonald’s mission statement “wraps its corporate social responsibility place in the “active presence in your community” division. The remaining mission statement calls attention to McDonald’s brand reflection and the nature of its foodstuffs. The company is using its mission statements for the global brand development, and that is showing in its mission statement.Mission statement of Panera BreadA mission statement of Panera bread is “A loaf of bread in every arm®.”This mission statement of the company is not addressing the nine components. There is no length as well as the well-directed objectives attached to it. It is not providing information bout the business itself. It has neglected the customers to be included in the statements. Whereas the mission statement of the McDonalds is better in every aspect than Panera Bread statement. McDonald’s mission statement is taking into account the principles of the development of the statement. This statement needs to be revised. It should incorporate these points in its comments. These are “growth, customers, products, the public, market, self-concept, and philosophy.” By adding all these elements, its mission statement is as: “Panera Bread is an organization dedicated to the appropriate training and development of its employees. It is significant that every employee appreciates and goes after the code of behavior policies inside the company. Panera Bread will provide the quality product using fresh and new ingredients, and the products will be the healthiest ones among the market. By having all these, the company will be the best with the quality food proving options.”McDonald’s vision statement:McDonald’s vision statement is: “Our overall vision is for McDonald’s to become a modern, progressive burger company delivering a contemporary customer experience. Modern is about getting the brand to where we need to be today and progressively is about doing what it takes to be the McDonald’s our customers will expect tomorrow. To realize this commitment, we are focused on delivering great tasting, high-quality food to our clients and providing a world-class experience that makes them feel welcome and valued.”McDonald’s vision statement envelops some business features. The company entails innovation to fulfill current market wants, as affirmed in the “contemporary customer experience” module of the vision statement. Also, McDonald’s typify its products through its vision statements and the innovation that it aims to bring in the goods and services.The vision statement of Panera Bread:Its mission and vision statements are same. “A loaf of bread in every arm®.”This vision statement of the company also lacks in certain aspects. It should consider the principles and factors of effective vision statements and revised it as.“The Panera Bread vision statement is to hold a presence as the leader in the swift informal dining and nippy service industry by positioning an accent on employee maturity and given that our society with healthy food alternatives at the same time making the most of the profits for their shareholders.”ReferencesMcDonald’s. (2017). Mcdonalds.comPanera Bread. (2017).

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