The increase of Crime rate with the advancement of Technology

Published: 2021-07-19 22:30:06
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The world is changing continuously, and with each passing day every aspect of it also change such as technology changing, fashion change, change in transportation and even nature of the crime is changing. With the advancement of technology, the criminals trying to find new ways to perform the criminal activities. The technology advancement has led the world to another level, so the crime has also become more tech-oriented. The rates of crime related to computer systems have increased over the last decade, but the technological advancements are continuously increasing which means that there will be more crime using technology or based on technology. The future will be computer oriented such as cyberbullying, cyber assault, cyber extortion and human malware, and other crimes which involve a computer. Other crimes which are more will be the future of crime are hacking, sextortion, child-based pornography, and financial theft (Wall, 2007).As much as criminals are adopting for crimes, law enforcement agencies are also updating their investigation techniques. In this way, they are trying to stay one step ahead of the criminals. With the help of technology, everything can be recorded, and this can ease the whole process of law enforcement. Along with cameras in the pockets, the member of the law enforcement agencies have body cam for their protection as well. The advancement of technology has not only lead to quick process as well as saving time. Technology has introduced the GPS system, tracking, DNA identification, other forensic advancements which can give the investigation a new turn to the case and also put it in a fast pace mode (Wall, 2007). The law enforcement agencies are also using social media sites for the investigation of crimes, public services messages in an emergency situation, outreaching the community and soliciting tips on crime. Because nowadays everyone has access to smartphones, the crime reporting rate has also increased which has increased public safety. Technological advancement has also impacted the individual rights as the world of computer is totally different for individuals and one has to use responsibly to protect their rights.The response of police department and prosecutorial agencies will be positive to the new vanguards in the criminal justice. It will enhance the quality of work, and this department will perform, and this new vanguard will not spare criminal as well as will be more active in reducing the professional abuse. People, in general, have a negative connotation of police, but the society always needs the help of police. With this change instead of objective power use, the police department will lead to a more peaceful society where the law is properly enforced. This process will also decrease the corruption in a legal setup making it more transparent.The traditional jurisdiction hinder the investigation in the cyber world. The cybercrime has advanced to another level, and traditional method is not enough to combat the issue. The horizon of cybercrimes and the cyber world has expanded, and there are all different types of crimes such as drug sale, human trafficking, identity theft, financial theft and even pornography as well as cyber-sexual assault. Tracking these crimes and investigating the crime with traditional methods is not as fast as it should. Also, the anonymity has also hindered the way traditional jurisdiction system for the investigation of crime. The transnationalism nature of the crime is also another reason why it is hard to investigate at times. If any active hacker enters the database of the traditional system, it could not only leak the sensitive data but would also hinder the law enforcement.Property crime includes breaking, entering a house, vehicle theft, and some other person crimes whereas violent crimes include murders (Pelfrey, 2000). The pattern of the crime previously was that property crimes increased in the 1970s and declined in 1990s, but it is predicted that property-related crimes will increase in the future and one of the possible reason is a proliferation of the latest technology in the home-setting might increase the targets of thieves and buglers (Schneider, 2002). Over the years, the violent crime rate has not declined and even if there is some progress in reducing the violent crime rate the result is rather insignificant. Instead, it is being observed that the violent crimes are on rising and every day there are more crimes then there were in the last decade. The frequency of violent crimes is increasing, and there are all types of crimes such as assault, shooting, bombarding, drug crimes and human trafficking. People are more violent than ever because now even the people implementing law enforcement are also not safe and they have to wear the body camera for their safety. Both violent and property crimes are dependent on the frequency of young men in the society and whether the number is rising or falling (Schneider, 2002). Based on the current pattern, evidence or research predication suggest that there will be an increase in the violent or property crimes in next two decades (Pelfrey, 2000).To conclude, the crime rate has increased over the years, and the criminals have found new ways to perform the activities and law enforcement is also opting for the new technologies. In the cyber world, the traditional system is a hindrance to the investigation of crime. 

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