The Future of Job

Published: 2021-08-06 21:50:08
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IntroductionOverview of how work is foreseen to change as technology evolvesSince 1930 world suffered severely from the economic issues. The middle pathway between stagnation and revolution will create significant room for coming generations to earn better. These things will also generate the congestion of Technological unemployment. Now a day’s economists believe that raising the productivity level any automation will lead to the economization of the use of labor and this thing will ensure increased income. Through this demand for new products will be generated. The rising trend of utilizing new services will create ample job opportunities for the future workers (Economist, 2014).When does the sleeper wide-awake?Automation has enabled lots of powerful computing capacities ever used. Cloud computing is the significant evolution ever begun in history which can control billions or trillions of records simultaneously. Keep Not only files but also manage the entire stream of data and its relevant operation needed anywhere worldwide. It has increased work productivity, provided new job opportunities to professionals and centralized enterprise as the whole solution (Samans, 2018).The brave world: Jobs are Inclined to computerizationAfter being masters of chess people never imagined the concept of games through natural language processing. Pattern recognition rained just a mystery in previous times. Machine are not only smart enough and have more capacity to manipulate user requirements, but it also has access to abundant data. Intelligent devices will overtake the occupation in coming times. The similar thing happened in mechanical and in the stream of textiles. Various jobs overridden by machines due to their quick productivity and accurate precision within the work environment. Times are exponential, and tasks are challenging. It is real time hard job for the industry to cope up with their competitors (Frey & Osborne, 2013).Digitally Enabled WorriersProductivity and gain are significant requirements of the 21st century. Any business or a job needs these two parameters to handle the position. The impact of this productivity on the available business model measured as a matrix for professional growth. The gain is the ultimate proof of somebody viable working in some position.Battle of HoloLens and Google GlassTwo most effective technologies deployed in world’s most productive environment are on the race to measure accuracy and gain through them. A simple keyword search and time needed for it is the benchmark of today’s efficiency and growth of any enterprise.Chosen Job Role: AccountantWe all know accountants are still working manually in various departments. They keep the record of entire expense. Their manual working procedure creates a halt within the company to manage the day to day operations. As every single task manually needs lots of time to is observed that companies keep an only person to regulate such activities.Research & AnalysisFor these three accountants seen from 3 different industries. First one was from a medical billing and insurance claims firm. He stated that lots of claims come simultaneously within a day. Manual research and verification procedure needs lots of time. Various information systems and enterprise solutions can be deployed to raise the productivity level.Business ModelInfluential impact of the information system is mainly on the job duties of an accountant gain of the enterprise. The services any firm primarily providing is the heavily relying on the resources they use to hire and their respective capacity building.SynthesisIt observed that making a firm and ample capacity in the prospect of human resource is a big plus even for a manually working business model of accountancy. Any information management system can quickly transform the workflow and contingency plans for financial inclusion of all accountant working within the system.BibliographyEconomist, 2014. The Economist. [Online] Available at: & O., 2013. The future of employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?, s.l.: s.n.Samans, R., 2018. World Economic Forum. [Online] Available at:

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