The Chinese Business People are Strong in Formation of Business Networks and Weak when it lies in the Management and Organization of the Business

Published: 2021-07-16 19:00:06
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In business world, there are polices that always govern the operation of a business and its structure. A good business that has visions of thriving and succeeding in the competitive corporate world needs to have good organization for proper management and also good marketing network. However, there are some businesses that thrive even without these complex procedures since they are not a necessity in order for one to run. Therefore, in this essay am going to discuss the motion that says Chinese businesses are often thought to be ‘strong’ at building networks but ‘weak’ at organization. Additionally, am going to look into details how these networks helps the Chinese thrive in their businesses and lastly, discuss and give a personal opinion whether the networks are rational and useful in business.To begin with, the Chinese businesses are often thought to be strong and full of potential of building strong marketing networks because the Chinese business persons always consider dealing with similar products of all social class level and consider everyone in the market but especially in different regions that have not been earlier explored by other business persons so as to maximize on the business opportunity at hand. This means that, most Chinese businesses explore different places and deal with products of different prices from cheap to expensive even though some variety of products are never classic. Therefore, from this feature and in order that they may achieve their target goal, they are have to connect too many people more so family people to help in achieving their goal as business but in different regions since almost all of the target market can be accommodated in that business.To add on that, the Chinese businesses are strong at building networks simply because, they register and become members in other business partners’ organization. Furthermore, they attend many business oriented events where there stands a higher possibility of meeting new successful business people who can train and expose you to many pitfalls and failures of other great business persons hence you become open minded and build many connections that promise a great reward when the business runs. Additionally, the Chinese people are good at creating rapport with their customers and ensure they invest in building resourceful relationships with other business people and hence they always prepare and organize plenty of meetings with potential business persons, spend time together and ensure they establish trust before striking a business deal.On the other hand however, even though most Chinese business people know how to build business networks and relationships, they are weak at building business organizations and this usually affects the business in one way or another. Many Chinese business people usually prefer one man management technique simply because, as a sole manager, one enjoys an uncontested dominance over the entire enterprise. However, it is presumed that most important positions in the company are normally occupied by family members and this always brings aspects of underperformance and fraudulency in the business. Besides that, the Chinese managers are poor at management since they tend to treat the management team as family entity yet demand much from them and this will not make since the management method that is being employed and put in practice is the collectivistic method of management and this method makes it difficult for the manager and his team to work, Hence poor organization and management of the company. Additionally, the Chinese business persons are weak when it comes to business organization because each executive officer that takes over the company in not willing to maintain the already existing ecosystem and therefore, they prefer to develop their own comfortable ecosystems that include suppliers and new government ties, basic skills of recruits and many more.In conclusion, from the above discussed reasons, we are able to define that the thesis statement is true that the Chinese business people are strong when it comes to formation of business networks and weak when it lies in the management and organization of the business. As a result, we can conclude that this ideology of coming up with strong business networks is rational and very useful in business simply because, it comes along with a number of benefits some of which are stated below. First and foremost, with a strong business network you can contact them for any type of assistance, advice or support since they all understand you and know you in depth. Additionally, through your business network that is well established you can spread your assistance to those in your network and at the same time extend your area of influence via the entire network.Moreover, due to the well established network, you can increase and strengthen your business confidence when planning and going to meet new business people. As well, through that network , as a business you can build your reputation by virtue of being knowledgeable and experienced in your field as more and more people continue to know you. This is important since it helps in strengthening your business profile. Consequently, the usefulness of having a strong business network as a business person is that it helps since while in the process of meeting and linking with many people in the business world, you might have an encounter with new products that as a business you had no idea if it existed and also through that you can spot a potential business ground that will be of great importance to your business. Another great importance that arises as a benefit of having a strong business network is that your business’s’ sources if information will be vast hence you can be able to access any details of anything as far as the business is concerned. Last but not least, a strong business network is important because it also helps your business to earn trust in the corporate world since it is well known by many important people hence high chances of winning contracts from many places.

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