The Benefits of Can Packaging for Beer Vs Other Beer Packaging

Published: 2021-07-29 00:00:07
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There is an open discussion on whether can beer is better than bottled beer. However, by saying that bottled beer is better than can beer, you are likely to trigger uproar or a mock. Maybe it is because you will undoubtedly be sounding old-school. Wait a minute, in case you did not know, can beer was pioneered by a small craft beer company, Oskar Blues, not even Heineken. From Oskar Blues, a Colorado craft brewer, the canned beer has seen proliferated the U.S markets.Why is canning innovation significantly on the rise? Is it about practicability? Or is it that the trend is being driven by consumer behavior consequently making the shift irresistible? For example, after years of resistance, Sam Adams, an American beer giant, later launched “Sam Can,” thus turning on its old bottled beer. We thought over it, and all we saw was several advantages and opportunities” said the management.The first canned beer tastes better and has quality flavors. It is because the can packaging helps maintain the original taste of the beer by blocking the sunlight hindering a photochemical reaction in the beer. Therefore, with the good environment it creates, beer can age suitably, and maintain its flavor and freshness a phenomenon that is unlikely with bottle beer.Beer quality is not the only factor. According to Ska brewing, convenience has remained the key factor to the prominence of can beer. The grabbing-carry-take is now a culture among young beer consumers. For such reason, the light weight of cans allows for efficient transportation than bottle beer. Weighing barely 15 grams against 170 grams of bottle beer, can beer, fits the outdoor activities like hiking, barbeques and floating and consumers can carry their drink anywhere and anytime. By the way, no one is also ready to deal with the mess and dangers of broken glass in an outdoor drinking setup. Hence, durability and robustness of can beer make it a better option.Storing cans is also easy. Imagine, if you are stacking some beer for the weekend. I assure you that if you have even 20 cans of beer, they will comfortably fit in your cooler. On the contrary, only a few bottled beer will fit in your fridge.Boxing Rock feels that many articles have poorly recycled the debate of can versus bottle from the environmental point of view. Quoting a study by David Suzuki Foundation, the company is convinced that cans are more recyclable than glass bottles. They have significantly higher recycled content of 69 % than the bottles. Furthermore, can manufacturers consider the value of recycled cans as enough to even subsidize the used can collection costs.Finally, I can confirm that the shift towards can beer is extreme. However, enough investment must be injected to make the cans appeal to majorly the millennial co0nsumers. This entails having spectacular branding on the beer cans to that catch the eyes of consumers thus enhancing their drinking experience. Hence, most companies have turned to Tonejet printing technology for their industrial printing. Tonejet printing technology is an advanced electro-static digital engine that offers a great spotlight to digital printing. Tonejet’s machines have accommodative designs that provide direct-to-can printing capacity thus providing excellent branding opportunities to beer companies. Moreover, the technology offers high-resolution imaging for branding Also, many clients are demanding for Tonejet printing technology because it accommodates any form of graphic. According to Carr, bottle beer could be here to stay. However, beer is still being defined by its packaging. Therefore, the competitive craft can beer is driving beer companies to employ the Tonejet printing technology to make their beers to stand out in the market.ReferencesCarr N. (2015) Beer Cans: The Pros & Cons of Drinking From a Can.Kegerator.comPerlberg S. (2013). Why Canned Beer Is Way Better Than Bottled BeerTechnology | Tonejet. Retrieved from

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