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Published: 2021-07-27 15:45:06
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Solution to student debtMost of the students in colleges are being stressed up due to the loans they make to meet their needs. Some of them make these loans due to inability to afford money to purchase their basic requirements. This normally occurs when such students come from a poor background or lack someone to cater to their needs. Others take the loan just for luxury (Meta 37-52). They tend to admire expensive things which they see other students have at school, making them strain as much as they can just to be seen as being rich, of having that kind of a lifestyle.There are various solutions which may be employed in different programs to ensure that Nursing students are helped in settling their debts. One of them is their guardians to provide for their kids in colleges (Richard np). This is because most of the students have ti work for themselves to raise their school fee, and when the pay becomes less than the target, they end up making debts which in most cases they have no idea on how they are going to settle it. Parents should, therefore, take the responsibility of ensuring their children’s fees are paid on time, just to make them feel comfortable at school and make minimum debts which are manageable just for their personal needs.Another solution which can help students advising the employees to consider the first salaries of the students who just finished college. Giving them higher salaries will enable them to clear the loans which they made while they were still at school. Paying them fewer wages will make it difficult for them to settle their debts and it can even take years to pay the amount, which could have been cleared in the first few months of their working (Baum 65-81). They can also make it a rule that a certain percentage will be deducted from their salaries to pay the loans which they may have been receiving from the government.Work CitedBaum, S. (2016). The Evidence About the Impact of Student Debt. In Student Debt (pp. 65-81). Palgrave Pivot, New York.Brown, Meta, et al. “Measuring student debt and its performance.” Student loans and the dynamics of debt (2015): 37-52.Fry, Richard. “Young adults, student debt and economic well-being.” Pew Research Center 14 (2014).

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