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Published: 2021-07-13 11:05:06
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The cell of embryonic stem draws attention due to its ethical controversies and scientific challenges behind it. There are negative consequences which are linked to hESC technologies and tools utilized in the research. However, some philosophers argue that a study on the cell for human embryonic stem can be conducted in a way that portrays human dignity and an ethical manner. Respect must be shown on all the stem cells which are to be used for any research. Vitro fertilization leads to the production of more embryos that can be used for implantation. The excess embryos should be treated with respect and used in a way that shows human dignity. In the article by Jane Maienschein indicates that there is no harm involved in the scientific research carried out on cells of the embryonic stem. The section does not consider the effect on the vulnerable group in the society or the minority but proceeds with the research without recognition of the harm that might be involved. In the article by Bertha Alvarez Manninen, indicate great respect for the individual and how government and society should work towards protecting the individual from being hurt by others. The purpose of the article is to oppose the utilization of embryonic tissue for stem-cell Research.Great respect should be given to human embryo, and it would be unethical to kill a fetus for research. When one destroys an embryo for research, it shows moral dishonest. Some arguments are based on the necessity of the study but it is a disrespectful act and can be compared to abortion which is very illegal. Termination of human life despite the stage is prohibited and against most moral standards. The embryo needs to be treated with respect, and even when engaging in research that leads to embryo destruction, there are no ways that will lead to harmonization of the action. Similarly, the procedure of extracting embryoblast leads to destruction (Maienschein, 2014)).The stems have the capability of creating a distinct and desirable embryo. The damage occurs when the stem is interfered with to obtain cells that would be used in the research. If the fetus is implanted in a favorite medium or womb, it can wholly and genetically grow into a human organization. Human beings have equal moral good and moral status regardless of the condition. Whether the rational people are sick, healthy, vulnerable or healthy, they need fair treatment. Therefore, society should not sacrifice dignity and life of certain group to save the life for the others. The argument posted on the cure of diseases should utilize other means rather than destroying human life.Government and society should work to protect the life of people and prevent some individuals hurting or harming others. The government should not allow or fund that research that leads to the destruction of human life. The government went against the human life ethics and morals by permitting a clinical trial based on the embryoblast. The research of stem cells human-embryonic-research has many challenges due to the economic and political environment. The funding which is directed to the research of human embryonic can be used to provide public services to the nationals as it violates the dignity of human beings (Bertha, 2007). The funding of the research faced objection from a different group of people though the researchers argued that it could open a great opportunity for the study in the future. However, the research has lot uncertainties as the people do not know what will happen. When the government allows the examination, it is the same as allowing the killing of innocent people. Endorsement of human death is a disrespectful act, and human being should not be exposed to any unnecessary pain. Additionally, though the embryos are frozen and do not know what is happening, individuals should not make them suffer as it is an indication of premature killing.Embryos represent a vital stage in the development of human beings. They belong to the species of Homo sapiens, and biologically they are alive. When implanted in the womb or uterus, the embryo continues with the healthy development and may end up being a full human infant. The embryos have a genetic code that is complete and genotype Bertha Alvarez (Manninen 2007). They should not be treated as instruments and dehumanized as if they exist to benefit other people. According to hESCR, embryos are persons and falls under the compelling argument of Kant. Disaggregating them to be used for research purposes shows how they are taken as mere instruments or means for research purpose.In conclusion, the embryo should be treated with respect and dignity. Killing embryo for research is unethical. Embryos have the type and genetic code that is complete. Any action that leads to death of the fetus interferes with ethical and moral values of human beings. All human beings should be treated equally regardless of their social and economic status. No one is expected to hurt, harm or invade another person. When government funds human embryonic research, it is encouraging to kill the ling of embryos which is unethical. Embryos are essential, and when placed in the womb or uterus, the growth continues as usual.ReferencesBertha Alvarez Manninen. (2007).Respecting human embryos within stem cell research:seeking harmonyMaienschein, J. (2014). Embryos under the microscope: The diverging meanings of life

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