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Published: 2021-07-31 13:25:07
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The demand for clean energy is on the rise due to the growing effects of global warming. Energy sources from fossil fuels, hydro and nuclear have proved to have environmental effects whose impacts have been far-reaching. Innovators have come up with new techniques for generating power-using solar panels. The panels are laid on the roads where they can be able to absorb sun’s rays and generate some power. The use of solar powered roads means that the materials used to make the roads have to be improved to sustain the different forces exerted by road users. Route 66 in California is an example of a road renovated by fitting new surface with solar panels. The road will provide an energy source, which will go a long way to reduce the cost of electricity in the country as well as promote environmental sustainability.Solar powered roads provide huge benefits to the economy. The use of solar energy eliminates pollution caused by traditional sources of energy. Fossil fuels have contributed towards global warming, but solar energy provides clean energy that is harmless to the environment. The roads fitted with solar panels can be used all year round even during winter. The same solar panels can be designed to warn the roads cleaning the ice that is formed in the floor of the roads. Road signs can further be incorporated through customization to warn motorists of potential dangers. It will eliminate the use of road signs, which will see a reduction in the number of accidents. The same signs can serve to signal motorists on impending dangers calling them to slow down. Improvements on such roads create employment opportunities for youths and young innovators. The same tunnels used to carry cables can be used for moving telephone and electric cables. The multipurpose usage of this infrastructure will provide huge benefits to the economy.Despite its vast potential, solar roads have their drawbacks. The cost of developing such roads is high compared to normal asphalt roads. The various technologies put into use costly, the materials used, and the technical expertise come at a cost. The cost of repairs of these roads, in the end, could increase significantly. Solar roads require closer monitoring to fix faults and issues that could prevent the collection of electricity. The roads are developed using glass that allows light to penetrate for energy creating. The glass-based roads could be dangerous during winter or rainfalls. Motorists need to be extra careful to prevent potential accidents that could be caused by these roads. Developers are additionally supposed to research on better ways of harvesting energy using this technology. The risk of breakdown and failure of solar panels could hamper the flow of traffic while conducting repairs on various sections.The demand for clean energy is on the rise and investing in clean energy sources should be a priority for the most government. Improvement of roads by fitting solar panels, which can turn sunrays to electricity, should be the focus of municipalities. If the technology is adopted, the cost of energy is likely to reduce, and the revenues from energy use can be able to sustain the project in the end. The government should consider allocating resource into this kind of technology to improve research and application of the idea in the roads. Clean energy is good for the economy, and any efforts geared towards protecting the environment should be supported.

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