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Published: 2021-07-13 08:15:06
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IntroductionThere are some reasons the school should actively involve the parents and the broad community in their school programmes. Involvement of the parents and the city has a more significant impact on the development of the school as well as the performance of the students. At our school hop skin, the parents and the community are involved in some ways as follows; the central involvement of the parents is in communication. Through communication, the parents and the school are in contact, which helps in improving the students’ achievements, (Dotterer, & Wehrspann, 2016). The parents are aware of the progress of the students and the school as well gets the required feedback. Another way the school involves the parent and the community is through decision-making. There are consultations between the three stakeholders to ensure better decisions. The school has a volunteering programme. The programme allows the parents and the community to volunteer and participates in the activities of the school such as meetings, price giving days, academic days, games and many more. The involvement creates a strong bond between the school and the stakeholders. The health needs of the student are also quickly attended to them. The students in our school tend to have high self-esteem and have proper relation to the family and the society, (Gestwicki, 2015).The decision made in school involves the parents and the community. The board comprises of representatives from the parents side and the community. Using volunteer work helps the students perform well as compared to another programme. Students whose parents are actively involved in volunteer work yield better results as compared to the other, (O’Donnell, & Kirkner, 2014). The information is sent to the parents through email addresses and phone messages. Parents are the key supporters of the school programme. Where parents do not support, students perform so poorly compared to when parents actively participate.Programme in schoolStudent need addressedLevel of school participation(1-5)Community participation level(1-5)Parents participation level(1-5)Impact on the learner from the school(1-5)Impact on the learner from community participation(1-5)Impact to the students from parent participation(1-5)Decision making in the schoolSolving issues affecting the student Such as indiscipline545455Cooperation with the societyStrengthening the learning443344Volunteer workAssisting and supporting parents when need be555455CommunicationTo ensure people are informed on the programmes of the school544434Learning at homeHelping learners in all academic related activities435554Programme involving the community involve the collaboration with the community. The strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats exist though the school does the best to cope with the challenge. On the other hand, volunteer and learning at home mostly involve the parents and the family. There are many challenges related to the programmes mentioned.Aspect on the programmeCommunity related programme (cooperation with the community)Parent related programme(volunteer work)WeaknessesUnfamiliar programmes to the members of the societySome communities takes time to adopt to the programmeLack of good advice on careersLack of proper support from the communityTight schedule from the parentsComplains from single parents. Parents claim lack of consideration from the school.Wide curriculum leaving no room for other activitiesTeachers lack time to meet the parentsStrengthsWider access to resourcePositive attitude from the learner to the communityParents develop confidence towards the schoolParents are ready to get involved in a lot of activitiesStrong bond created between the teachers and the familyOpportunitiesThe community become competent based on educationThe access lot of relevant informationLearners acquire experience from the communityParents helps in delivering the curriculumAvailability of an active committeeLearners become positive to school programsMost parent develop interest to participateThreatsStudents start to work before completing schoolHigh completion for experiencesLack of knowledge of how other schools interact with the communityHigh pressure for the school to deliver good outcome1.lack of confidence from some parents2. parents failure to understand the language used hence poor communication3. criticism from some parentsIn conclusion, parents and the community should be involved in the school programmes. The total effect of the involvement is positive as learners develop a positive attitude towards the school. The parents and the community get to know the issues affecting the students and the staff. Where parents participate in school, teachers become motivated by the support and tend to help the students, (Coleman, 2018). The school gets the advantage of support from the community while the learner acquires more skills and experience and becomes self-dependent and attains high self-esteem.ReferencesColeman, J. S. (2018). Parents, their children, and schools. Routledge.Dotterer, A. M., & Wehrspann, E. (2016). Parent involvement and academic outcomes among urban adolescents: examining the role of school engagement. Educational Psychology, 36(4), 812-830.Gestwicki, C. (2015). Home, school, and community relations. Cengage Learning.O’Donnell, J., & Kirkner, S. L. (2014). The impact of a collaborative family involvement program on Latino families and children’s educational performance. School Community Journal, 24(1), 211.

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