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Published: 2021-07-28 23:05:06
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IntroductionSBE is an ultimate entertainment and production solution which was intended to meet the necessities of the fast-changing social world. It has a broad acquaintance in hyping events throughout the country. It is made up of a staff of creative people who work with a sole aim of creating exceptional events and enabling clients to meet their satisfaction. SBE prides its success on dedication and commitment to Nassau Bahamas’ business entertainment industry.Executive summaryWe intend to hold a party on June 23rd, 2018. We saw it better to buy alcohol from your company for our function. We chose you (Flying Dutchman Liquor Store) because you have the best prices around and you always make sure that your customers are satisfied. We intend to make our Payment in installments until June 23rd when we will come to pick it up after covering the whole amount.ObjectivesMake remarkable sales on this party day.Intensify and cement alertness of Flying Dutchman Liquor Store.Increase and strengthen awareness of SBE entertainment.Business in itDue to the absolute willingness of our customers to hold a party on 23rd June we took up the task to hype the party. The party is expected to be one of the best this year because many people are expected to turn up.In some way whatever we have ordered may be less because a high consumption rate is expected because of the anticipated magnitude. We will notify you of the proceedings, but we request for a substantial discount on the ordered brands. As SBE we also promise to promote your company by including your logo in our flyers.OrdersBRANDNUMBERHenny2 casesCiroc5 bottlesJack honey2 bottlesAbsolute3 bottlesPeach snap3 bottlesFour Loco4 casesSteel reserve2 casesHeneiken2 cases (cans)Kalik regular1case (cans)Kalik light platinum2 cases (cans)Malik gold2 casesGuinness2 cases (cans)Bud light1 case (cans) 

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