Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Published: 2021-08-01 06:00:08
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IntroductionArtificial intelligence refers to replication or/and modeling of the intelligence behavior through the use of a computer. Artificial intelligence research focuses on the development and analysis of the algorithms that will enable machines to execute intelligence behavior without human intervention. Military planning and logistic, mathematics, gaming, medical diagnostics, e-commerce, and robotics are the example of the problem where artificial intelligence is applied. However, e-commerce, computer vision, computational biology as well as robotics are independent discipline, but they are researched under the artificial intelligence umbrella. Specifically, contemporary studies have placed more emphasis on the probabilistic language model, active computer vision, machine learning, natural language interface, multi-agent negotiation, mobility mechanism, and estimation theory to be applied in the interface of spoken language and the integration of the motor, auditory, haptic and visual information. The paper aims to illustrate how artificial intelligence technology is an important aspect of the modern society.The computer has provided solutions in the realms problems. The execution that results from artificial intelligence is more complex compared the problem-solving idea which is very simple. First, human input or the sensor provide the facts to the computer or AI robot. The computer determines which information is significant through comparing it with the stored data. Then, the computer uses the collected information to predict appropriate action. Conversely, only the programmed problems are solved by the computer since it does not have analytical abilities. A good example Is Chess computers.The artificial intelligence technology has enhanced advanced robot capabilities in learning but at a considerable capacity. The modern robots with learning abilities to understand certain actions like movement will execute the same action in case the same situation repeat itself in future. Nevertheless, there is a very limited situation where the modern computer can perform the same function since retention of information is not like that of humans. Other robots mimic human actions. Robots in Japan can dance after learning from humans.Applications of artificial intelligenceAI in healthcare: Healthcare industry applies artificial intelligence to perform many tasks. For instance, treatment procedure and diagnosis are the common areas where doctors use artificial intelligence. The technology has reduced the equipment and machines required to perform specific tasks in healthcare centers hence lowering the operational cost. Recently, FDA has approved an artificial intelligence machine called Sedasys system as a mechanism for delivering anesthesia. Also, Watson introduced an artificial intelligence in health called IBM. The Watson machine uses the medical history of the patients to determine appropriate treatment which has been efficient.Data management and analysis of patient data is also a popular application of artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligence machine called the Electronic Patient Record uses lifestyle and pattern as well as patient symptoms to predict the outcomes of diseases. The improvement of the population health will be easy if the health facilities adopt artificial intelligence. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is an integral aspect of the devices that are used to pump insulin and monitoring of the heart rate.AI in Banking & Finance: Application of Artificial Intelligence in the financial services is essential since the complexity of financial data keep increasing on a daily basis. Human is less efficient in managing finance and analyzing market data as compared to robots. The robots are also capable of solving simple problems that are raised by the clients. Similarly, application of artificial intelligence in banks and financial institution include identification of customer base and attending to customer need.AI in Manufacturing: Immediately after the emergence of the artificial intelligence, manufacturing industries started using the technology. The robots are used from the initial stage of manufacturing up to the last stage. However, robots with learning ability are being integrated to manufacture and assembly more complicated products. For instance, robots with the ability to detect a defect in an electronic device are being developed.Ethical issues of artificial intelligenceThe Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: They are weapon systems that can engage targets without the need for subsequent human operator after the initial activation. The weapons enable the elimination of human operator engagement in the battlefield. There is fear that the autonomous weapon systems may fall into the wrong hands such as terrorists through black markets. The terrorist may use the weapons in their bad intentions such as in attack of innocent people. The possibility of AI arms race in most countries is a pressing concern. Also, the use of autonomous robots in war may lower the human cost of war thus starting wars will be easier. The use of robots on the battlefield to perform certain functions such as mine clearance and bomb disposal has proven to be beneficial. It reduces the risk of loss of soldiers’ lives.Artificial intelligence can result in joblessness: It is predicted that the introduction of artificial intelligence threatens certain job categories. Since the start of the industrial revolution, the application of automation technologies has contributed to job losses. The introduction of artificial intelligence is expected to cause further losses of jobs. With the AI technology, the trend is expected to extend to fields that are considered safer from automation such as education, medicine, and law. The introduction of self-driving vehicles threatens jobs of people currently employed as drivers.ConclusionThe computer was invented to increase the efficiency of task performance and reduce the manual effort. The field of digital technology has continued to advance over time to produce more useful products such as robotics and artificial intelligence. The application of artificial intelligence has been advancing in most of the technologically relevant fields such as manufacturing and banking. The artificial intelligence approach of using algorithms in training machines to behave like humans enable the application in performing tasks and making decisions like humans. It is expected that the robots will play most of the vital operations in our daily life in the future apart from industrial applications. However, the technological progress in AI production presents certain risks and ethical issues thus the integration should be done with caution.

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