Quality Management and Productivity of Baptist Hospital Miami

Published: 2021-08-07 00:10:07
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IntroductionThe Baptist hospital is the non-profit and largest hospital located in Florida. The headquarters of the hospital is situated in the Coral Gables Florida. The health center handles around one thousand patients annually. Patients from the regions of Caribbean, South America and Central America consistently visit the hospital. The eleventh general hospital in the United States received the magnet of excellence in the field of Nursing and health care. The hospital has the 50th years of operations. According to the global research, the center is listed as one of the hundred best companies during the year of 2017.DiscussionBaptist health is among the four best companies in Florida and is the only healthcare provider in the state. The center is consistently enjoying the healthy status from the last seventeenth years as the prestigious service provider place. The level of the trust and the working of the employee is very high and provide the professional workplace culture. Employees in the organization are interested and loved with their work which enhances the progress of the organization. According to the chief executive officer of the organization, caring is the primary motive and logo of the company. The caring of the employees and the community is the top priority of the health center. The support to the employees by management provides them to take care of each other and specifically the patients which always demand care.The higher standard of the clinical and excellence in the services are the key objectives of the Baptist health Florida. The company has incorporated those professionals that are compassionate and brightest in their behavior towards the dealing of the patient (Ginter, 2018). The employees are enjoying the number of benefits which includes the caring of on-site child caring facilities and services. Other benefits for the employees are the paid time off cashouts, interest-free loans, education at free online and on-site, the proper plan of retirement with significant benefits. The program of award wellness which includes the free clinics at on-site along with the fitness centers is all to facilitate the employee of the company. The training clubs, nationally recognized classes, professional health management are also included in the benefits provided to the workforce.The enlistment of the company among the top hundred best service providers shows that leading company is on the frontline of the new business frontier. The company is developing the full human potential of all the workers serving in the Baptist health care. It is also trying to build the more professionalism in the workplace for larger incentives for the international patients. The high-trust culture fuels the better result of the business. The study shows that those health care centers along with the Baptist outperforming towards the stock market and increases its finances. When it comes to the retention of the talent and demonstration of the higher level performance the health company flourishes over all of its competitors.The largest healthcare organization, Baptist health have different branches. It is the largest center in the Florida region (Graban, 2016). The network includes the homestead hospital, South Miami hospital, Mariner’s hospital, Doctors hospital, west Kendall hospital and the children’s hospital. There are fifty outpatient and care facilities available in the hospital. The Baptist health quality network, the internationally renowned center of excellence, and the Baptist health medical group are among those facilities provided by the health care center. The organization is purely non-profitable and is financed by the philanthropist. The center is committed to the faith-based charitable mission for the excellent services in the field of medical sciences. There are around twenty-four hundred affiliated physicians and the sixteen thousand employees which are working for the greater service of the humanity.The company is regarded as the best health care provider and one of the major ethical and medical center. The ranking of the company is judged on the basis of feedback from the two lac employees about the great place for working (Weismann, 2017). The quality of the communication and the degree of support for the workers was also assessed along with the professional lives of the workforce. The hospital is the determent to provide the health needs of the residents of Miami. Certain models are adopted to cure the patient in emergency and any acute health problem. Many residents have got intervention from the specified programs of the health center. The holistic model is applied to the people seeking care with the specialist and the community health centers.Mental and the issues related to dental problems are the part of the holistic model. The larger size of the Baptist health can have the connections with the smaller community base units. The cooperation and the coordination among those health centers that are integrated with the Baptist Company will effectively reduce the barriers to health care for the residents of Miami. The cooperation is also helping in the discharge planning, especially for the older adults. The coordination will also help the patient those are readmitting from the penalties of payment. The patients who are the regular visitors of the hospital unfolded that leadership role is best suited to the Baptist hospital (Ibarra, 2016). The participation in the consortium for the healthy Miami and the health promotion work for the local resident with the coordination of the University of Miami provides a comprehensive look at the hospital for assessment of patient needs.There are other centers that helped the people of different ages. The Children Trust could provide the support and the educational guidelines for the first time mother so that they can support their child (Graban, 2016). The number of adult’s health is mostly affecting from their childhood. For the positive impact on the children health, the Baptist care is consistently supporting the patient in collaboration with country public schools located in the Miami. Research conducted for the analysis of the services provided by the hospital shows that planting of vegetable gardens and the hand washing campaigns in the schools have the significant impact on adult’s health. People and the community members are also involved by the company for better and effective services results.There are certain concerns that service providers are not accepting the Medicaid and the new patients. The resident needs more healthcare specialists and because of the limited experts and providers of the health services, people are facing critical health problems. Residents of the Miami feels that care centers are like their homes, especially those belonging to the Baptist health. There is also the problem of the lack of proper insurance and the access to the quality and affordable care. Most of the consumers choose to reach emergency for the early intervention of their diseases. People also try to solve their issue as soon as possible because of the danger that disease could become a crisis for them.Those patient seeking care have also the concerns that they might not be admitted to the hospital or unable to pay the expensive bill. The substance abuse and the mental health issues are the most serious problems for the residents of Miami but lack the care of certain health centers. There is little or no support for these services. The consumers have told that they prefer to go in those hospitals that have the best reputation (Weismann, 2017). In this regard, they are mostly satisfied with the services and care provided by the Baptist health centers. People also told that they would like to bypass the nearby center for the better services and health and always prefer to choose the reputable health institution. Quality of the healthcare services is always the key factor in the choice of the Miami residents.The speed and the immediate services are also important. Baptist hospital in this raged care about all the means to check the speedy process of the health services they provided. The level of the empathy should always be high and must be consistent with the volunteer and the hospital staff (Ginter, 2018). Studies confirm that Baptist hospital is providing satisfactory services regarding the speedy interventions and the high level of empathy. The cafeterias and the gifts shops of the Baptist centers are the excellent arrays of choice for the hospital management. The use of the pet therapy for the Youngers and the elders is also commendable.Deficiencies like the long wait at emergency rooms and the difficulty in the booking of the appointment is not a practice in the Baptist hospital. The poor bedsides and the communication of staff in other health centers halted the care of the patient. During the inserting of intravenous line special care is practiced in the hospital. The training, background, and the competency of the physicians is also important for the patients.Conclusion Concluding the discussion the quality and the product management of the Baptist hospital Miami is highly commendable. The company favor to accomplish all the important and basic need of the residents of Miami. In the national and state affairs Baptist health is committed to providing the patient safety and the quality health care. Patient mostly prefers to choose the company because of the high qualitative and professional health care management.ReferencesGinter, P. M. (2018). The strategic management of health care organizations. John Wiley & Sons.Graban, M. (2016). Lean hospitals: improving quality, patient safety, and employee engagement. CRC press.Ibarra, C., Martinez, J., & Clarke, H. (2016). Incidence of hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile infection in patients at risk.Weismann, M., Hernandez Lichtl, J., Pierce, H., Harris, D., Boue, L., & Campbell, C. (2017). West Kendall Baptist Hospital: meeting the demand of community-based healthcare in the new (and stormy) regulatory environment. The CASE Journal, 13(5), 592-632.

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