Public Policy Implications and Crime Prevention Strategies

Published: 2021-07-19 04:10:06
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The public policy implications and crime prevention strategies related to different criminological theories and types of crimeThe public policy is based on a number of different theories which have helped in understanding the different types of crimes and the ways by which the crime prevention strategies are built and implemented. The most prominent criminological theories being presented by the sociologists and criminologists are the trait theory, choice theory, social process theory, social structure theory, and the developmental theory. They are specifically being deigned to contribute in the formation of the social strategy. The main aim of these theories is to eliminate the crime from the society as well as to understand the cases in the courts procedures.Specifically, the public policy implications are related to the focus on the general public’s activities. The government and law enforcement departments highly focus on the public and their regular lives including their safety and protection of their belongings. The deterrence theory model explains that there is certainty, severity and legitimacy which are pointed towards compliance. All of the theories are essential in the implementation of the crime prevention strategies related to different criminological theories. The most prominent types of crimes are two. One are highly violent and the others are less violent but are counted in crime and are not forgiven as they cause damage to the society and highly fined.Personnel opinion about public policy or prevention strategy implication In my opinion one of the public policy that makes the perfect sense is the banning of the firearms in the public buildings, schools, hospitals, government areas and the crowded places. There are many places like Texas where the firearms are allowed and people openly travel and walk with the deadly firearms. It is too risky as there would be no idea of the situation change at any time as well as the certainty of living highly decreases to 0% if a gun is seen in someone’s hand in a gathering. There is no connection between the keeping the deadly weapons in a crowded environment.Many countries like the Great Britain and all over the Europe, the arms are not allowed to common public at all. The lives of everyone and more concerned, the innocent and the children is highly important and precious to us which leads to the prevention of the arms in the public place for the security of everyone including ourselves. This policy highly makes sense and is applied in all over the United States.Public polices of this type help prevent crimeThe real world policies are required for the prevention of the crimes from the society. There are a number of policies which could be helpful in limiting the arms availability in the public places in which the most prominent one is the strict policies against arms. The people will double check before leaving homes as they would have the fear of being caught with the arms. Moreover one more policy could also be included in the prevention of the arms in the public policies which is the strict policies against alcohol. This policy is helpful in making people away from alcohol as much as possible so that nobody would be able to claim against keeping the firearm with him in the public place. Another policy which could be considered to be irrelevant but in a general perspective could be helpful for people to complete thir education and to get complete awareness in the collages without being dropping out due to over-age. The policy is Raise the age or grade for dropping out of school. This policy is helpful to keep an individual for a longer period of time at school.ReferencesDiIulio, J. J. (1996). Help wanted: Economists, crime and public policy. Journal of Economic perspectives, 10(1), 3-24.Roberto, C. A., Swinburn, B., Hawkes, C., Huang, T. T., Costa, S. A., Ashe, M., … & Brownell, K. D. (2015). Patchy progress on obesity prevention: emerging examples, entrenched barriers, and new thinking. The Lancet, 385(9985), 2400-2409.Gottfredson, M. R., & Hirschi, T. (2016). The criminal career perspective as an explanation of crime and a guide to crime control policy: the view from general theories of crime. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 53(3), 406-419.

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