Peer Pressure Influence to Binge Drinking

Published: 2021-08-02 04:30:08
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IntroductionPeer pressure is the way in which groups or people of a typical social group, influence each other, resulting in the change of attitude, behavior or values with the aim to fit or conform to an influencing individual or group ( Mednick et al., 2010). Peer pressure is a significant factor in the development of youth and has substantial impacts on attitudes and drinking habits university students.There are aspects of the university environment that enhance binge drinking by female university students. First, is the fact that there is freedom from the control of students (Mednick et al., 2010). Most female students often demonstrate this through drinking. Secondly, alcohol is part and parcel of the university culture, practiced in social functions and interactions among peers. Lastly, students will try to test and establish their identity with an aim to adjust and adapt to the university life. It will require peer friendships which result in binge drinking.For many female university students, issue of being accepted tops in the reasons why they indulge in binge drinking. Thus it begins with the desire to fit in what your peers are involving in. A student wants to emulate the habit of her peers (Mednick et al., 2010). Female university students need to ensure they are aware of the dangers posed by the behavior and thereby make changes that will yield positive results in their lives. It is vital for the parents to take initiatives in ensuring that their female students don’t engage in dangerous behavior that can lead them to a big problem.Many students want peer approval from their colleagues. Female students may wish to outperform one another. Therefore, they may engage in drinking games, a situation that results in students viewing the behavior as less dangerous (Mednick et al., 2010). Many female students may find it hard to resist indulging in binge drinking where everyone else is doing it. To avoid this, a student should ensure that she does not spend time in a company where people involve themselves in the behavior. Thus it’s always so difficult for most students, but it remains the only option for a student who is susceptible to extreme pressure from peers (Mednick et al., 2010).ConclusionIt’s essential that university students understand how to control peer pressure flexibility in students. Most students regularly show this through drinking. Also, liquor is a vital part of the college culture, honed in social capacities and associations among peers. In conclusion, understudies will endeavor to test and set up their personality with a mean to change and adjust to the college life. It will require peer kinships which result in voracious boozing. For some female college understudies, issue of being acknowledged tops in the reasons why they enjoy voracious boozing. Hence it starts with the want to fit in what your associates include in. An understudy needs to imitate the propensity for her associates. Female college understudies need to guarantee they know about the perils postured by the conduct and in this manner roll out improvements that will yield positive outcomes in their lives. It can be done by making firm decisions as well as avoiding the company that may lead to influencing one to undertake activities that are against their values.ReferenceMednick, S. C., Christakis, N. A., & Fowler, J. H. (2010). The spread of sleep loss influences drug use in adolescent social networks. PloS one, 5(3), e9775.

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