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Published: 2021-07-29 17:25:06
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Pedro Nunes is one of the most prominent scientists of all time during his time around 1502 to 1578. Nunes was a professor, mathematician and a cosmographer. He was from a Christian family with a Jewish origin. He was a great scientist of resurgence and he was born in the year 1502 in the region of Alcacer do Sal in Portugal (Almeida et al. 2015). He grew up I this place and his primary study around this place. He made quite a number of contributions in the field of nautical sciences and he was the first person to approach this filed in a mathematical manner and succeeded so well. He was the first person in history to oppose loxodrome, he invented several devices for measuring, and just to mention a few, he invented nonus, which was later developed to Vernier scale after his death.As well in his life and education, not much is known on his early education, family background and early life. However, as said early his parents being of the Jewish religion, to some extent people believe that he was a Jewish and being that some of his grandchildren believed to have been put behind the bars when they were accused of practicing Judaism and professing in Portugal.Even though much is not known of him, even where he did his basic primary school in specific it is believed he must have learnt in the nearby school to his place of birth, much is not known as well in his relationship he had with the scientists of his time. Nevertheless, reconstruction of his works and publications alongside the references he made in his writings, people can only get a clue of who he was and what he contributed in the field of science and mathematics. In most of his works, he signed his name as Pedro Nudes though suspicions and in many appearances, his real name appears to be Petrus Nonius, which the Latinized form of the name he used (Almeida et al. 2015). Pedro Nunes early life however remains, a mere suspicion as there are no evidences pointing out to his original and exact birth place, kind of parents he had and the number of siblings he had.He is believed to have studied in the University of Salamanca probably between the year 1521 and 1522. He later continued with his studies in the University of Coimbra from where he was able to achieve a degree in medicine around 1525. By then, the study of medicine included mathematics and astronomy in the course work and so, he graduated with knowledge in both fields. He continued to explore his ability in the field of medicine as he continued with his studies on medicine even though he was a teacher already in the University of Lisbon where he taught Philosophy, Logic, Moral and Metaphysics (Fernandes, 2017). Later in the year 1537 when the Portuguese that was located in Lisbon got moved back to Coimbra, Pedro moved to the newly found University of Coimbra to lecture Mathematics. He taught mathematics in this university for quite a while up to around 1562. The post which he held in the university was new in the University of Coimbra and it was specifically founded to give instructions in the generally technical requirements or rather needs in the field of navigation. Navigation was by then a very important topic in Portugal since by that time, they were the leading in sea trade in the world, and it was their main source of wealth. Mathematics was later made an independent subject in Portugal in around 1544.Besides teaching at the University, Pedro Nunes was made the Royal Cosmographer by the year 1529 and later in 1547; he was made the Chief Royal Cosmographer. He held this position for quite a long period until he died. Christopher Clavius the renowned astronomer was a student of Pedro at the University of Coimbra. Pedro influenced him in m any ways and he was more or less like a mentor to him. He referred to Pedro as a “supreme mathematical genius”.Due to the great contributions made by Pedro in the field of science, specifically in navigation, mathematics, and medicine, he received many awards in history for the appreciation of the work he did as a professor at the university including his innovations (Fernandes, 2017). Several schools and institutions were named after in remembrance of his work and a sense of hour for his doings. Just to mention a few, the best Public High school known in the entire Lisbon is named after him that is Escola secundaria de Pedro Nunes. The school teaches from the 7th grade up to the 12th grade. The school was started in the year 1906 as Central Liceum as a 3rd school in the area of Lisbon. The school has had changes in the name since then however Pedro Nunes has always remained part of the name since time immemorial even though, it still remains known by many as Liceu Pedro Nunes.The institution has released many prominent people in the whole Portugal and it is renown of its good work and performance in the entire country. Pedro Nunes has also been honored not only by having institutions named after him but also in other ways. For some time in history, he was made the national treasure when he was made the face of the national one hundred coins. That is just one of the other ways he was rewarded in remembrance to his vital contribution in the field of science in Portugal.Pedro Nunes’ rewards did not just end by that but several others followed suite years after he died. A very massive institution in Coimbra, which was mainly an innovation center and business incubator, was named after him (Nunes, 2016). The institution was called the Instituto Pedro Nunes. The institution majorly deals with research and technological issues in the modern world. Scientists as well did not just forget the work done by Pedro but instead honored him by naming a heavenly body after him. Asteroid 5313 was named after Pedro and it was called Nunes in honor of his contribution in the field of science. A Portugal Airline has also named an airbus after Pedro. TAP named airbus A330-202 plane after Pedro. Several statues were erected in his hometown where he was born and paintings of him made and sold in the world markets until today.Pedro is believed to have died in the year 1578 around 1st of August. His is life coincided with the years when the country is believed to have had a great development. His life is regarded as one of the most beneficial in the history of Portugal (Nunes, 2016). His contributions in the field of navigation, science and mathematics still stands our till now. Surely, Pedro lived a life worth remembering and the contribution he made for his country is unbelievable until now.In summary, Pedro Nunes is worth remembering from the contributions he made to his country. He is not only a hero but also a source of inspiration to the coming generations that contribution of just an individual can result to change in the whole country. He is also a role model, mentor and influence to some people just like he inspired some of his students in class.ReferencesAlmeida, H. I., Mascarenhas, M. I., Loureiro, H. C., Abadesso, C. S., Nunes, P. S., Moniz, M. S., & Machado, M. C. (2015). Efeito do NaCl a 0, 9% e do NaCl a 0, 45% sobre o sódio, cloreto e equilíbrio ácido-base em uma população de UTIP. Jornal de Pediatria, 91(5).Nunes Filho, P., de Sousa, J. B., & Fernandes, J. D. C. (2017). Jornalismo, participação e cidadania. ÂNCORA-Revista Latino-americana de Jornalismo, 2(2).Nunes, P. S. D. S. L. (2016). Estado da arte do saneamento básico no Brasil.,

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