My Ideal Job as an Event Manager

Published: 2021-07-28 18:40:06
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IntroductionMy ideal job would be an event planner. This job requires me to undertake projects that involve planning events such as the Olympic and World Cup games. I would like to work for a company, or an organization orchestrates such events. Since this job will guarantee me to travel a lot, I would like to report to a top-level manager who is a perfect, passive and proactive manager. This kind of manager has the qualities to relate well as a team, committed and innovative in making the events a success.My levels of expectancyMy ideal job in the organization requires heavily staffed personnel to carry out the actual planning before, during and also after the events. My levels of expectancy would be on employee performance and extrinsic motivation. By encouraging the employees and building on self-efficacy, my manager would increase my levels of expectancy.Outcomes that have high valence for me on this job. My manager should invest in proper training to gain a higher interest level that lead to more quality work. Having enough resources, right skills and right support for the job is important to receive an actual level of satisfaction from a particular outcome. After carrying out the job diligently I perceive the potential rewards to be in the form of paid extra time off, cash bonuses, salary raise. A more valued outcome would be a promotion.Steps undertaken by my manager to ensure that I am equitably treatedMy manager should establish mutual communication to develop a productive interpersonal relationship with me and other employees. This will create equity and job satisfaction. The manager should offer training services and establish fair job appraisal on performance by rewarding on merit. In case I work for a year but am still underpaid I would approach my manager for a salary increment request. I would make the request after making sure that am very confident and satisfied with my performance to build a case in support of my worth.My expected goals on the jobI would strive to achieve customer relationship and satisfaction by making the events a success. In this way, my organization will have an excellent image of goodwill and also win the confidence of other prospective customers leading to high expected profitability. The role of my manager would be to track quality, motivate employees and support through providing resources required for the job activities.Behaviors that my manager positively reinforces on this jobMy manager would show interest in employee’s relationship and performance in a sincere manner. He is expected to seek out more genuine responses to worker’s suggestions and ideas. Use of respectful language in communication and high-level competency in running the activities is also essential. As a manager keeping promises and involving employees in decision making is a behavior that should be positively reinforced in this job.ConclusionThe most critical element of this job is passion and competence to create a job satisfaction environment. It will enable me to motivate the junior employees leading to high-quality work. This job involves traveling a lot to different geographical places. In this case, a customer link would be created to interconnect a wide range of clientele leading to a good working relationship. This element is important as it will enable the company to acquire more customer internationally leading to high profitability in achieving its goals.

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