Motivation and Perceived Organisational Support

Published: 2021-08-07 01:00:07
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Houston Oil Company known as the one leading oil refinery company that provide services are the vast level. As the professional and skilled corporate business consultant associated with this particular company, my primary focus is to critically overview all the managerial and financial aspect of the following organisation with which I am associated. The following company had the broad and organised functioning pattern which comes up with many corporate considerations. The following company is working through three different levels of functioning. The highest level of management comprises on executives of the company. Managers are considered as the middle layer of the company while associates are at the lowest level.My specific task related to this organisation is to take necessary and immediate measures to enhance the sales and productivity of the company. As the specialised organisational psychologist, I perceived that the factor of perceived organisational support (POS) could be one effective approach to enhance the productivity of the organisation. The approach of the perceived organisational support (POS) can be effective organisational measures as it is a helpful tool to align the employee’s concern with the objectives of the organisation. The phenomenon of perceived organisational support can be identified as the feature or degree which come up with the workers believe that the values and norms of the organisation are completely aligned with their feature of values and ultimately enhance they’re perceptive of well-being (Krishnan and Mary, 2). The focus of the POS is to enhance the particular and crucial approach of the socio-emotional features of the employees. The prospect of the POS can be developed and effectively enhance by reducing the gap between the specific organisational objectives and values to the approach of the work in case of employees.There is the existence of many techniques or strategies which can be used to enhance the approach of POS in the organisations. My focus is to propose the specific adoption of the techniques in case of Houston oil company which ultimately enhance the effectiveness of work in the company. Another point of consideration as the consultant is to adopt the prospect which provides benefits to the organisation in short span of time with the consideration of the feature of perceived organisational support. It is suggested for the organisation to take necessary measures to identify and understand particular perceptions of the employees related to the overall value perspective of the organisation. Undoubtedly, if there is any degree of confusion between the approach of the organisation and the employees’ perception that it negatively impacts the overall approach to the organisational performance. It is crucial for the Houston oil company to understand that of workers never clearly understand what is expected from them regarding productivity than they never remain able to achieve what is expected of them. The prospect of POS can be immensely beneficial for the company as it enhances the overall prospect of workers welfare in the organisation which positively impact their performance.Stress and HealthThe feature of stress is known as one of the chronic issues for the human health which comes up with many considerations. The implications of the phenomenon of the stress are immensely negative for the individuals as it leads to a different severe form of biological and psychological issues. It is notable to mention that different biological and physiological events occur in case of an individual who is going through with the problem of stress. Proper identification of these different indications can be immensely helpful to properly and timely address the following issue.Different and series of biological and psychological features can be observed in case of the happening of the stress. Proper identification of these effects can be helpful to provide better solutions to address the issue. The prospect of the body rapidly changed in case of stress which is the clear indication of some stress issue (Thoits, 42). Stiffness or the tension of the body muscles is the one clear biological feature which is associated with the issue of stress. When body-con tenuously facing the issue of tense positioning of the muscles than it leads to the issue of stress. Sometimes it seems difficult to breathe smoothly in case of stress as it connected with the prospect of hypertension. The imbalance approach in case of the nervous system of the body is another effect which shows the issue of stress in the body. Psychological features can also not avoid in case of stress. Psychological implications are the clear indications about the intensity of the problem of stress. An extreme form of agitation, moodiness, and the feature of the anger are some psychological aspects which are associated with the problem of stress.The health issue of stress immensely affects the regular functioning of the brain and the overall body of the individual. The problem of stress can be the reason for the different diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, and the problem of diabetes. It also influences the brain of the body. People suffering from stress never remain able to think positively and effectively function their daily work. The good news about the problem of stress is that it can be overcome by adopting a different and effective lifestyle to align the body and the brain towards the smooth functioning. Adoption of the healthy meal helps human’s body to deal with the chronic implications of the stress effectively. It is crucial for the victims of the stress to share their feelings with other individuals in the form of counseling which positively impact their psychological perspective.Work CitedKrishnan, J., and V. Sh Mary. “Perceived Organisational Support–an Overview on Its Antecedents and Consequences.” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, vol. 2, no. 4, 2012, pp. 2–3.Thoits, Peggy A. “Stress and Health: Major Findings and Policy Implications.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 51, no. 1_suppl, 2010, pp. S41–53.

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