Mental illness observation from Movie the “Beautiful Mind” and Answering of Analytical question on the “Stanford prison study experiment.”

Published: 2021-08-03 05:10:08
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PART 1Mental illness is one of the bad sign in development of human life; mostly people become a victim of it by the social and environmental pressure or their personal life issues. Mainly we see such people usually become unconscious and severe memory issues for which they are considered as useless for the society, and mostly people do not try to consult these issues with doctor considering it taboo or people will think out of them mentally retarded, but that is not true. For breaking this taboo Film, industry played a positive role highlighting big names with interesting stories of their life to address mental illness and improvising to focus on mental health besides considering it a taboo(“Representations of Mental Illness in the Film ‘A Beautiful Mind,’” 2011).There are many films which we can see, but the most interesting which I found on this subject is based on the real character John Nash who is the Noble prize winner and well-known mathematician as well as hold up with economics. It was played on screen in 2001 and did big business around the world with carrying four academic awards in different filming categories. While the film has a lot of criticism because there is some fact which is not matching to Nash life, but there was a phase in Nash life which is highlighted broadly in the movie about his issue of schizophrenia which is one of the mental illness. He was severely facing the issues we see around movie till Alicia who had the same phase in life help and proving him that he needs treatment. Under this, we will be making a deep study with aspect to diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment. This movie makes feel people work on their self and such movies help others to pursue their mental illness and understand that is nothing more than like disease which can be cured.Looking to the movie we see the different symptoms been oriented in the character of Nash like Hallucination and delusion in which he used to create something which even not exist like there. When he was to stop Russian nuclear bomb and he created a place in mind which was even not able to track out from the different machines. Under DSM-IV it includes these symptoms for the patient with schizophrenia. These two are the criteria that meet with character help Alicia to diagnose the situation Nash and even at that time he was regretting it till he didn’t be taken for proper treatment to a psychiatric hospital.The psychological perspective defines well and matches to the character of the movie because we can see that the symptoms are rising due to the effect of this three thing in his life where this is creating an impact on the biological, psychological and social life. We see his wife suffer more from his situation because being unstable he wasn’t able to recognize the positivist around him and he uses to perceive everything with its bad thing. Social stigma is more influence with regards to the belief system of character and the negative thoughts which are nourished with the thinking he develops by hallucination and delusion of the perceptions.In during we have discussed this disease with its positive and negative aspects which we can broadly find out in the film, also the treatment for which He goes and as Alicia help him being mentioned in course book and also the other literature which been learned and reviewed. The new thing in treatment was shock therapy which is actually in my view is not a good practice because it will affect the nervous system and patient will not be able to improvise health.The treatment after looking to the condition of the character can be made better, and it is curable in everywhere around the world. People with this disease should be provided with different kind of Anti-Psychotic medication which will help them to improve their health and biological relaxation in their life. Also, a psychological intervention where they should be helped by the psychologist with regards to their thinking which is affected by this disease sometimes, it helps positively.  In some terms, we have seen that people try to be an imaginary world and develop the character by their self which doesn’t have any existence in real life and affect them. Also, social skills training with family therapy is required because the family suffers too because of the patient behavior and might they have faced some physical torcher as verbal abuse is casual in this condition. While hospital environment is good for such patient if they conduct the group therapy in which supports each other and able to understand the situation of each other. They keep motivating each other to move towards the good life(Geddes, Freemantle, Harrison, & Bebbington, 2000).There is important which we can see from this movie is presenting this disease with positive and negative aspect but the main portray which can help the general public to pursue the doctors and psychologists if they are facing such happening and it has not affected a common people only.  Many celebrities and scholars been affected by this disease and being mentally ill is nothing bad because it is a world we are facing the different situation and human are full of different emotions and feelings which can lead to such situation. We should not ignore it but consult good psychologist and psychotherapist for such situationsPART 2The good guards were unable to intervene because of the group decision used to be made by the tough and worst behavior guards. We can see in this study guards were hard in such a way they use to have all tortures and punishment play with the prisoner either they were from the same background of college. The thing which makes tough for good guards to intervene was their number also because the jail was dominated by the tough guards. It concludes that jails are not a bad place and can be made good, but there is need to change the behavior towards prisoners.Initially, they were known to this activity as the research base experiment too, and they felt that they would be able to go out of there after some time. Also, there is the thing which we can highlight under this is essential too, when people are in a group try to spend time with each other and settling out things with their effort. Also, we can include the issue of accessibility for it.There is natural factor human feel the reaction from what it is happening if their wind and he is unable to stand somewhere outside. Ultimately subject will be blaming the wind, not the weather same goes with attributing guards’ brutality. There is another factor psychologically involve sensation from them because they will see good guard where the difference of behavior comes out. In which they will blame the guard’s character.In my view, this study was unethical which involves physical and mental torture while looking to the reaction of the observer which states the irresponsible behavior from them and they were unable to manage out the subject there. As the situation got worse, they haven’t taken out a step in which we can identify this study got ended in 5 days because of the condition and parents protest on the stance(Zero Media, 2015).ReferencesGeddes, J., Freemantle, N., Harrison, P., & Bebbington, P. (2000). Atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of schizophrenia: systematic overview and meta-regression analysis. BMJ, 321(7273), 1371–1376. of Mental Illness in the Film “A Beautiful Mind.” (2011, December 7). Retrieved February 8, 2018, from Media. (2015). The Stanford Prison Experiment Official Trailer #1 (2015) Ezra Miller Thriller Movie HD. Retrieved from

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