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Published: 2021-07-30 22:30:08
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To: All the EmployeesFrom: HR DepartmentDate: 16th March 2018Subject: Overseas TravelingThe organization is arranging for their employees to travel to the firm’s offices and projects operating abroad. Employees are encouraged to take an active part in the company’s international activities in order to improve their skills and give them exposure. The company has arranged for travels to their international department in the region of South Asia including offices in Delhi, India, Karachi, Pakistan, Colombo, Sri Lanka and Dhaka, Bangladesh. This opportunity will familiarize the participants to learn about the operations in these regions and also offer a chance to work there for higher salaries excluding travel and living allowances.The company’s branch in Delhi, India, is one of the most attractive sites for employees who prefer traveling abroad due to its rich and colorful culture, as well, as the widespread of the use of English language which makes it easier for them to communicate with the locals. However, traveling to India requires a few measures to be taken beforehand such as:Traveling to India requires a visa like most countries, therefore, signing for a visa a few weeks before your flight is crucial.The flight is more than 14 hours long which means you have to prepare for any traveling sickness.The Indian culture is welcoming, yet the food can be harsh for most foreigners due to the high amount of spices. Keep a check on what you eat and always carry bottled water.Vaccinations are crucial before leaving the country. There is widespread of infections and easily transmitted diseases that foreigner are not used to and hence, vulnerable.There is also a threat of robbery and frauds in regions you are unfamiliar to. The local retailers might exploit you for your unawareness.We wish you safe travels and hope this is helpful. For further knowledge contact the in-charge of the orientation program.

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