Letter to the Congressman

Published: 2021-07-29 22:30:06
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The HonorableU.S. House of RepresentativesWashington, D.C.Dear Representative:I am writing this letter to grab your attention to the one critical problem prevails in our society. It is right time for us to talk about the problem of gun violence openly and it affects citizens of the society at all level. It is crucial to understand that the dilemma of gun violence immensely expand that it become one of the major health concern for the public. Now it becomes evident to declare the facet of the gun violence as the public health crisis and take necessary measures to properly and timely deal with this issue. It is one influential health concern because this prospect is the reason for the number of premature death in our country in recent years. Statistics of the country indicate that every year more than 38,000 individuals lost their lives and nearly 85,000 suffers in the form of injuries due to the phenomenon of gun violence.Undoubtedly these numbers are alarming and required the need for the necessary steps to effectively get rid of the crisis of gun violence. The consideration of the issue of gun violence as the public health issue is crucial because it comes up with many complex aspects. This particular problem deeply prevails in our roots which can be eradicated through the consideration of the health interventions at the national level. The formation and implementation of the effective public health policy are crucial to achieving the objective of safety for our families and the communities. The understanding of this problem can be enhanced by increasing the funding for the feature of research. It is feasible for the country to encourage more people to invest their energies to understand the issue of gun violence and propose effective solutions to implement the approach of the gun control properly. There is the need of the more research is required as it is observed that there is only 0.7% of funding associated with the research about gun violence (“Gun Violence”).I want you to critically focus towards the solution to address this prevailing issue of gun violence. There is the need to adopt the facets which help to maintain the approach to gun control. Proper formulation and implementation of the different policies can be helpful to identify the problem and propose solutions to this issue. Effective government interventions in the form of policies are the ultimate solution to address the issue of gun violence at the national level (Novella). It is crucial to critically observe the people’s access to the different forms of weapons and ammunition. The prospect of gun control can be effectively achieved through the implementation of the limited access of ammunition. If it became difficult for the country’s youth to access and purchase weapons than it surely reduces their inclination to the violence (Gangs et al.). Another policy which can play a positive role to reduce the gun violence in the country is to consider the facet of the collaboration. Effective collaboration between different stakeholders can help the nation to understand the cause of the gun violence and to propose an effective solution to address this issue. It is viable for the law enforcing agencies of the country is to create the bridge with the health sector of the country. This form of consideration can be helpful to understand the overall health perspective related to this issue.I want to convey my expectations to you to consider the importance of the issue of gun violence and propose effective interventions to deal with this problem. It is crucial to consider the importance of the involvement of the health sector to address this problem. I am expecting you to take necessary measures to increase funding for the research to understand the intensity of this issue deeply. I am hoping a positive response from your side concerning this issue.RegardsWork CitedGangs, Drugs, et al. Strategies for Reducing Gun Violence: The Role of Gangs, Drugs and Firearm Accessibility.“Gun Violence.” American Public Health Association, 2018, https://www.apha.org/topics-and-issues/gun-violence.Novella, Steven. “Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue.” Science-Based Medicine, 21 Feb. 2018, https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/gun-violence-as-a-public-health-issue/.

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