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Published: 2021-07-18 17:20:06
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IntroductionInternet Protocol (IP) Addressing is a technique used by engineers to develop and distribute IPs among the devices of a company. It shows the way IPs shall be assigned to all internet devices. However, the case of uSoft.com it requires IPs for its headquarters and the two branches. The uSoft.com requires a total of 150 IP addresses for all its devices. It is noted that the company requires 100 IP addresses for its Headquarter, Branch A 30 and Brach B 20. The newly assigned IPv4 network is 203.2.XY.0 and IPv6 network: 2001:1234: ABCD: XY00:: /64.IPv4 Addressing planThe IP address 203.2.XY.0 is a class C network address and therefore, the Network Address of the uSoft.com shall be The Network address will be the unique identifier of the network across the network. According to Mason (2014, p. 23), network address is assigned to each devices for easy identification and therefore, facilitates the connection and communication of devices. The Broadcast address is, and the network to be used is Subnet Mask: and the default gateway address shall be of the The IP subnet address for the network infrastructure shall be, and the IP address is on the calculation of subnet and IP network addresses to be deployed by the company in headquarter, branch A and Branch B. The company’s headquarter shall have usable IP address of about 124. This IPs shall be assigned to all devices computers, server, IP phones and printers as well. The IP Addresses shall range from – It is also important to note that the Broadcast of the Headquarters shall be The default Gateway of the uSoft.com shall be which shall be used across the network for all devices using IPv4.Since branch A has 30 devices to be assigned to network, it shall have usable IP address of about 32 IP address and the IP Address shall range from to And therefore, there shall be about 32 IP addresses to be assigned at branch A of the company. The Network IP address or subnet address for branch A is The default gateway shall be, which is similar to what will be assigned at the headquarters. The subnet mask to be assigned is and the broadcast IP shall be branch B shall have a default gateway of, and 32 usable IP address as well. The IP address for the branch shall range from to and therefore, the broadcast address shall also be It is broadcast address to be assigned to all devices on the network (Elkins, 2015, p. 23).As stated by Elkins (2015, p. 15), the default gateway for a particular network shall be similar to all connection between different subnets. It is important to note that the Network has got 254 usable IP addresses which shall be assigned across the network in the company. The Headquarter shall have usable IP address of about 126 and these can be assigned to any devices on the network.An IPv6 address plan for the LANThe IPv6 shall have a subnet address of 2001:1234: abcd: 6700 which shall be used across the network. However, the network range shall be 2001:1234: abcd: 6700:: – 2001:1234:abcd:6700:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff. These usable IP addresses shall be assigned to the network devices at the headquarters. The network address therefore, shall be 2001:1234: abcd: 6700 to be used by the company across the networks. However, the headquarters where there are 100 devices to be networked and interconnected shall use any IP address and the first 100 shall be assigned the devices (Mason, 2014, p. 23). The IPv6 does not use or applied subnetting and therefore, IP addresses shall be assigned ranging from 2001:1234: abcd: 6700: – 2001:1234: abcd: 6700: ffff: ffff: ffff: ffff (Mukherjee, 2014, p. 2).However, the default gateway which shall be used in the network is 2001:1234: abcd: 6700 which shall be assigned to all devices so that they can be able to connect and communicate. The Ip adsdres which shall be assigned to all devices including servers, computers printers and other devices being used by the company shall be generated based on the range 2001:1234: abcd: 6700:: – 2001:1234:abcd:6700:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff. The IPv6 network address provided by the company 2001:1234:ABCD: 6700::/64 has one subnet mask and therefore, the network shall have one subject mask, one default gateway for the company and the broadcast shall be the uncast which is the 1d9f:9b9a:7204:918c:ab58:d74:b33c:4132 (CISCO, 2015).It is possible that IPv6 are only assigned for global or for internet purpose and the assigning shall be done on the routers top makes sure that devices can connect with branches and offices as well. In IPv6 the first segment of address is assigned to the local and therefore, 2001:1234:abcd shall be assigned as the network address for the devices.It should be noted that the IPv6 operates differently with IPv4 and the way network addresses are assigned to devices are different as well. Therefore, the entire uSoft.com company shall have several IP addresses for IPv4 which are divided or arranged based on the subnet. The IPv4 network addressing is planned to have four subnets and each subnet as subnet mask and broadcast address applied to ensure communication is established among the devices.BibliographyCISCO. (2015). IPv6 Unicast Routing. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipv6_basic/configuration/15-mt/ip6b-15-mt-book/ip6-uni-routing.pdf , 2-16.Elkins, N. (2015). Intro to IPv6 Addressing. Wireshark Developer and Suer Conference , 2-25.Mason, M. (2014). Subnet masks (IPv4) and prefixes (IPv6). 2-34.Mukherjee, A. (2014). IPV6 SUBNETTING – HOW AND WHY TO SUBNET IPV6. Subnet and IP addressing planning , 2-15.

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