International Security Studies

Published: 2021-07-31 14:00:06
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Q1.The nature of war is changing continuously with the development of technology and the advancement of the art of war. The earliest principles of war were set by Sun Tzu in 500 BC but since then there have been changes due to advancement in technology and development of a more civilized society.Q2.The end of the cold war was characterized by the signing of treaties by the superpowers. This has led to the superpowers limiting their nuclear weapons and thus reducing any possibility of development of warfare. But this does not mean that war has gone obsolete but is being contained in the treaties signed to end the cold war.Q3.The justification to use of military force implies war. There are conditions that are accepted to justify the use of military and that is when the sovereignty of a state is threatened, or when a humanitarian crisis emerges or when the international conventional laws are violated.Q4.Deterrence works when one state holds that are intended to deter a threatened attack by another country. This is possible with the promise of retaliation in case a nuclear attack is made. An example is the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war where the United States held nuclear weapons to deter Russia from attacking using her nuclear weapons.Q5.Compellence is when one state reverses actions because the cost imposed by other actors is high than the gains of its actions. This concept has promoted international security as those countries threatening to disrupt peace are compelled to withdraw the threats as the consequences are greater. The main difference between deterrence and compellence is that deterrence uses fear to discourage a certain action while compellence uses fear to encourage a certain action.Q6.High military budget influences security as enemy countries fear attacking as they understand the power of the budget is a direct reflection of the power of the military. Bu extensive military budgets do not give a guarantee of security as other nations also struggle and copy and spend a lot of money in armament and military development thus inhibiting a guaranteed security.Q7.Responsibility to protect is a commitment by all member states of the UN to protect genocides and crimes against humanity in the world. A military intervention is justified when there is proof of crimes against humanity and when the state government has failed to contain the situation.

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