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Published: 2021-07-18 18:00:07
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1. Introduction In this essay I will talk about main reasons for rapidly changing way of university students’ accessing, acquiring and using knowledge and advantages of and disadvantages of ICT.In the age of information technology, it is very difficult to protect students from the use of various equipment, electronics and gadgets: computers, telephones, tablets, etc., because in the use of these devices for students there is a lot of benefit. Today we will talk about what positive and negative sides there are in the use of computers and gadgets, and what should be done so that they do not harm the student.2. Thesis statement (Write your thesis statement)The formation of ICT competence is not just a matter of time, but a necessity for any person living in the information society.3. Main point 1 (say what the main point is)The use of ICT in lessons helps to solve effectively such pedagogical problems as:Development of communication skills for all schoolchildren;The rapprochement of schooling with the everyday life of society;Enrichment of formal educational material, which schoolchildren have access to;The inclusion in the content of education the mastery of methods specific to scientific activity (for example, the method of projects), the extensive use of modeling in the study of various processes and phenomena and, in general, the mastery of students information competence.3.1 Supporting example is (say what the supporting)At present, the main task of teachers is to provide conditions for broad interdisciplinary integration and individualization of teaching. The use of ICT in the classroom is a phenomenon that is quite new for the school, contributing to the fulfillment of the task.3.2 Supporting example is (say what the supporting)But, as a practicing teacher, I can not fail to note the disadvantages of this pedagogical direction.First, the technology can refuse, the lights go out, the music does not turn on in time, the animation will not work due to the difference in office programs; so it’s not a fact that a spare, classic version with a board, a tape recorder, etc. is not useful.Secondly, the quality of the equipment does not always correspond to the task of the lesson. Schools can not afford expensive projectors. If for the lesson, mathematics the color of the object is not important, then at the lesson of the surrounding world very much.Third, the lesson can be a presentation, based on only prescribed questions and pictures to them, there are many such.The fourth minus follows from the above. At the moment, there is no methodological manual on the use of ICT in lessons, there are no basic techniques and methods of working in this direction, and the teacher has to intuitively find them. It is difficult to evaluate such lessons, because it is difficult to apply classical analysis schemes to them, but there are no new forms.Continue with bullet points until your conclusion.Using ICT in class, I came to the conclusion that there are both advantages and disadvantages here. Let’s start with the pluses.1. In today’s environment, the use of a computer can significantly expand the boundaries of the lesson. A new system of work with illustrative material is created, the possibility of its reduction to a single format.2. There are new uses for seemingly traditional forms.3. This is the work of the students themselves. Students themselves actively work in this direction, they create author presentations, defend their abstracts and research works using a computer.4. Facilitation of the teacher’s physical activity. Instead of a pile of magazines and books with small, not always clear and therefore not all prominent illustrations, instead of a tape recorder and tapes the teacher comes to the lesson with a disk or flash card.Works Cited 

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