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Published: 2021-07-18 17:55:07
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Information system is the collection storage, dissemination, and communication of the gathered information. In most cases, information systems relates to the collection and storage of data both persona and for corporate. Therefore, information is all about the network system that allows communication between parties to occur. So information system sites are those sites owned by companies which deal communication or dissemination of information. In healthcare sectors, there is Health Information System (HIS), and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) which is used to manage patients’ personal data and to ensure that proper and efficient healthcare services are delivered to the public. Focus of the InterviewThe position is a senior position which requires a personal holding to have at least a bachelor degree in Information technology (IT) from a recognized institution. It is also essential to have certification in health record management, and professional certificate in database management and CCNA which is network professional certification. An individual with such background understands the data management applications and can efficient and competently address the challenges which can arise in the sector without having much difficulty. The bachelor degree in Information System (IS) or Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science (CS) provides a clear knowledge in data administration, management, and troubleshooting of various data problems.In order to be confidence or competent in addressing various data management issues, it is better to acquire further knowledge or professional causes in IT. And therefore, certification in data management like Oracle data management will provide an individual with an improved skills and competency in data management using advanced SQL and other tools which are provided by Oracle. The certification in network related course like CNNA is also likely to improve understanding in network management. An individual in charge of data management or system management must be able to troubleshoot network problems as well. It is because in data management IPs are assigned and with knowledge in network, and data management individual should be able to assign IPs and also protect the information system from both external and internal intruders. It is appropriate to have certificate in health record management (HRM) be able to properly manage information system for a healthcare provider facility. Though, an information manager, data manager does not deal with health related issues happening within the healthcare setup, it is important to understand the sequence of the flow of data so that an individual can provide better management of healthcare data or information system.New Knowledge of Information Systems Use of safe mode when working with the EMRSafe mode is normally used to troubleshoot computer problems and data as well. According to (), the Namenode which controls the file system for database usually goes into safe mode when the computer is turned on to safe mode. Therefore, it is not possible to use EMR system when computer is turned on safe mode. Again, EMR will not able to load in the first place when computer is on the safe mode. The HDFS cluster which controls the data visibility will be deactivated and therefore, any attempt to access EMR when the computer is on the safe mode may lead to data loss. It is therefore, not allowed to attempt to use EMR on safe mode or use EMR when the system is on the safe mode. It can cause a lot of danger such as data loss and gathering data is not an easy task.An IP address when you are using the EMRThe IP address is essential because it is needed for the system to connect and therefore, it is IP address is being used so that EMR could be visible in the intranet of the company. It is used to connect through the subnet created specifically for the connection of EMR. The private network is used instead of public network so that the access to the system is limited to a specific grouped of people described in the system rules. Network administrator must be careful when assigning IP addresses to every machine where EMR system is being used for it to be dressed easily when need be for change to be implemented. How Employees can find an IP address in the Hospital The network configuration takes place from a private group and therefore, if employees want to find IP for every computer they can either check manual from hardware configuration, under cluster or every computer since it is required to assign each computer manually because of the system (EMR) which a computer run. It is also because network configuration is done manually because of security which needed to be enhanced when setting up network or IP addresses which can allow the system to operate.It is also easy to locate computer in the hospital based on the IP address. First, network administrator marked computers and IP addresses when assigning computers to a network, if the IP addresses are done manual. And with an institution like hospital it is advisable to assign IP addresses manually for security reasons. Network administration would create a subnet and each subnet has a specific number of IP addresses. And therefore, using network management application, network administrator could easily identify every computer in the hospital based on the IP address without any difficulty. The administrator would run a query which will bring the list of all computers, IP address assigned on them and where each computer is located. Therefore, it is easy to locate a computer in the hospital using the IP address.Default gatewayThe default gateway is the path created for all network activities to follow. The default gateway allows the communication to occur between computers and others outside the network. It is the route provided by default for communication unless the user specifies another route for the information to follow. The hospital information deals with default gateway by providing a clear path for all information to follow. However, the default gateway is assigned in the network private under EMR cluster to make sure that a clear path for communication or connection is created. The system can allow or stop an employee from using patients’ information to search the intranet. The system can be set from the EMR cluster to permit which kind of search and stop. The specification is designed as policy in the system under EMR cluster and this will ensure that communication is regulated the patients details are not misused by healthcare providers. It can also permit the kind of search which can be conducted over the internet based on the policy set in the system.Remote access of Hospital EMRIn order for an employee to access EMR remotely from home and any other places, the access password must be provided for such an employee. It is usually avoided by policy to have access to a system remotely due to security reasons which can violate the privacy and confidentially of medical records. However, an employee can access EMR system through the use of public IP address marked at the private IP address on the router to be able to access the system remotely. The port forwarding is set using a specific IP address which is given to an employee to use in accessing the intranet. The intranet will be accessed through the use public address which provides access to the intranet through NAT and it is important to be cautious for security reasons. This will allow an employee to access hospital’s emails and other information from the intranet. Virtual Private network connection The organization uses virtual private network (VPN) to make sure that connection is secure and private unauthorized access to the system. The VPN is deployed at the router to make sure that every connection is secure and monitor so that any new entry into the system is identify and prevented. It helps the organization to create an encrypted connection between public and private connection and it is suitable for institutions like hospital using EMR because it will help in improving security to the system. It is therefore, possible and advisable to use VPN to secure PC and other devices in the organization.Securing LoginIt is a policy of the company to make sure that each individual or employees is assigned specific login to the system. The login is assigned to new employees based on the rank or position, terms of contract with the organization and level of understand of the system an organization use (Biondich, Deshen and Sharon, 2015). The login information is supposed to be altered based on the company’s policy which requires employees to change their password after every one week and place the strongest password possible as illustrated on the formula given by the administrator. The system is installed which inform all employees to change their password after every week. It pop up on the screen when an employee wants to login to remind anyone who has not changed the password. It will not allow anyone who has not changed the password to login to the system. If an employee fails to change the password it will logoff and notify the user to see system administrator. This is to make sure that the right person is using the system and to prevent unauthorized entry into the system.Evidence based practiceThere are several evidence based practiced which can be used to showcase the system and its effectiveness. The system is very easy to navigate and there is tutorial which provide detailed information how the system can be used. It is users’ friendly with an interface which can be used by anyone who has knowledge in introduction to computers. It is only requires a few trainings for new users to understand it and use it proficiently. In conclusion, managing EMR requires a broader understanding of networking technologies, database management and knowledge in medical record as well. This allows an individual to competently articulate his or her duties without any problem. The knowledge in IT allows an individual to mitigate problems related to database and troubleshoot network problem as well and therefore, the system can run smoothly without any difficulty. It is also important to have a broader knowledge in information security because EMR should be protected from cyber crime and any other unauthorized entry. However, understanding all sectors of information system will be a tool to deliver to the company towards attaining the larger objectives.ReferencesBiondich, P., Deshen, M., Sharon, C., & Hamish, S. F. (2015). Implementing electronic medical record systems in developing countries. Informatics in Primary Care 2005;13:83–95 , 2-35.

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