Importance of Arts and Humanities in Schools

Published: 2021-07-13 02:00:07
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Literature ReviewArt and humanities are considered as the two crucial and mandatory dimensions of the overall education development at any level. The one unfortunate perspective associated with these forms of studies is that world is less concern about these subjects as compared to other academic fields. It is observed that most people want that their children excel in the fields of science and other contemporary subjects. This particular approach cannot ignore the fact that necessary understanding of arts and humanities is crucial for the children. The particular facets of arts and humanities come up with many considerations which play a major role in the overall development of kids and gives them necessary directions for future. The features of arts and humanities are crucial because it provides an opportunity to the students to learn from the past and use this information in present to make their future secure and with fewer mistakes. These two paradigms of the studies encourage young students to see the world from somewhat different perspectives and rethink about the different facets of life. Here the focus is to consider the previously done research studies to effectively indicate the importance of arts and humanities in schools and how it can influence the learning of students and prepares them for life.It is crucial for the school sector to consider the features of arts and humanities as the core subject due to the vast form of effectiveness for children. These subjects have the potential to encourage students to learn out of the box to figure out the different and feasible solutions. The historical perspective of this form of study provides the effective understanding of time to the students. Kids became able to understand the approach of the different historical events and can compare them with today’s world. The importance of the subject of humanities is effectively discussed by Graham Butt, Simon Catling, Tony Eaude, and Peter Vass in their exploratory study. They come up with the focus that why it is immensely crucial to consider the facet of humanities in primary education. According to the authors, the approach of the humanities in the early years of education is crucial for the children because it provides crucial insights to them about the overall paradigm of school. It is also viable because it provides the direction for the appropriate behavior in case of children (Butt et al.). It is immensely crucial because it is the only paradigm which gives the proper understanding to the students in their early life about the features of learning and writing.Educationist proposes the specific approach to consider the cross-curricular approach to provide the effective form of understanding of the world to the children. The prospects of arts and humanities have the potential to provide a necessary chance to the children, so they become able to enhance the facet of spirituality in their lives. It also provides them approach to critically understand the aspects of social and cultural development which ultimately help them in future in the adoption of different societal facets. Keeping the subject of humanities in schools is mandatory because it is the only approach which helps children to understand themselves and effectively cope up with the changing paradigm of the world in future through proper and effective decision making. It is the one prime responsibility of the policymakers, and the educationist is to effectively align the curriculum content with the actual needs of the development and growth in case of children. It is crucial and critical to figure out that what knowledge should be given to children in their early education which helps them to utilize this knowledge for future development.Art education is another crucial feature which has its strong impression in the overall education perspective in case of children. The subject of art has the potential to influence the thinking process of students. It enhances their ability to observe different scenarios of life and make feasible decisions critically. It is notable to mention that the aspect of the student’s perception plays a vital role to understand the overall effectiveness of the art experiences. Eulalee Nderu-Boddington effectively investigates this particular aspect of his research work about the art study. Consideration of the art education in the overall curriculum of the primary study based on the perceptions related to the feature of the overall education plan. In the last few years of educational development, art educators are more interested in figuring out that how much art can effectively play a role to enhance the overall feature of the educational paradigm. It is the necessary approach to consider that the better understanding of the art helps children to enhance their scores in the other subjects such as math etc. (Nderu-Boddington). The particular feature of perception of the high school students plays a major role in the overall enhancement of the art studies. These perceptions can be considered as the necessary direction for the policymakers to effectively improve the facet of art in the overall paradigm of study curriculum.Author of the following research study explained the approach that the study of art could be helpful for the children in their learning because it can enhance motivation level of the students. A better understanding of the artwork can be helpful to increase their cognitive skills and understand different perspectives more effectively and critically. It became essential for the policymakers to consider the importance of the humanities in the early years of education. The facet of the today’s education cannot be considered as the complete approach without the consideration of art and humanities. Christine M. Reiter explores the idea that the field of humanities is the one integral form to enhance the approach of the STEM. The aspect of STEM-based on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (Reiter).It is necessary to include the feature of art and humanities in the classrooms as technology-focused education feature overshadow this necessary approach to education. The elements of value and effectiveness are closely linked to the features of arts and humanities in the field of education. The overall effectiveness of the proper understanding of the arts and humanities cannot be ignored in today’s modern world as it creates effective connections with the other fields of studies (Belfiore). These two dimensions of education can be helpful for the children to enhance their learning capacities for the long run as well.The detailed review of the previously done research work provides the guidance to explore more effective dimensions related to the subjects of art and humanities in case of primary level education. It is evident to establish that the proper understanding of the different facets associated with the approaches of arts and humanities can be helpful for the children to align their mind with the flow of knowledge and information. These facets can provide them with the better approach to make feasible life decisions. Proper assessment of the need for the art and humanities can also be helpful for the policymakers to encourage the paradigm of these subjects in the early years of education. The importance of these subjects cannot be ignored in case of early years because it assists the children for the rest of their lives in different fields.Work CitedBelfiore, Eleonora. “‘Impact’,‘Value’and ‘Bad Economics’: Making Sense of the Problem of Value in the Arts and Humanities.” Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, vol. 14, no. 1, 2015, pp. 95–110.Butt, Graham, et al. Why Focus on the Primary Humanities Now? Taylor & Francis, 2017.Nderu-Boddington, Eulalee. “Arts Education and Student’s Perception.” Online Submission, 2008.Reiter, Christine M. 21st Century Education: The Importance of the Humanities in Primary Education in the Age of STEM. 2017.

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