How have “New Age” religious movements lead their followers toward spiritual enlightenment?

Published: 2021-07-31 16:20:08
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Like Buddhism, the religious movements of followers of New Age also described a number of certain ways to find inner satisfaction and tranquility which were the themes of bringing things to a halt, mindful breathing, and deep concentration are explored by the concepts of meditation, yoga and spiritualism. The followers believe that such acts can instill the individual with insight and power to fully acknowledge and accept pain as part and parcel of life and then help him deal with it and find his way to happiness at last. Another aspect is the unassociation of happiness with material things, the main theory preached is to always choose humanity first and that no matter how many material possessions one might have, he may never be happy since he’ll always be comparing himself to an even richer and wealthier person. New Age, henceforth, guides people to seek pleasure in little things of life and told them to quit the materialistic desires as they were a source of unending anguish for them and their relationships. Even today, the association of happiness with a new car, a pay raise, a promotion or even a boat of your own along with a house are misleading. What we all need to understand is that meaningful relationships are the source of happiness which has been a subject of debates by numerous authors over time.To sum up, the “New Age” religious movements have led their followers toward spiritual enlightenment by asserting that happiness is an intrinsic factor which is the true essence of long-lasting relationships and not the number of valuable things of distinctions that one has in his life. Happiness is not what you have achieved, but it is something which gets you love and compassion and a peace of mind.

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