HIV/AIDS Case Study

Published: 2021-07-13 17:45:06
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Mike learned that he is HIV positive that will influence his health and psychological state. Accepting the disease can be difficult for Mike because most of the people, when diagnosed with HIV, exhibits emotions of denial and disbelief. They also fear mistreatment due to the stigmas prevailing in society regarding AIDS. The patients in such cases conceal their medical condition. Many people when diagnosed with HIV face isolation when they families and friends shun them. HIV causes social, psychological and physical problems.Mike’s family might react to the news in disbelief that can cause negative impacts on him. Their fears regarding Mike’s condition can play an adverse role, as he needs family support. The absence of family support will affect more deteriorating impacts and quality of life. The most common fear that exists in society is of contagious nature of the disease. People with HIV are more likely to face discriminatory attitudes as people and even families maintain distance from them. lack of family support affects the quality of treatment (TED, 2010).I learned from the video that HIV is a deadly disease that can put the victim into the more miserable situation if people disconnect from them and when families reject to support them. Mike will need family support, care, and compassion. Family support will help him to survive with the disease. Negative stigmas motivate people with HIV to avoid disclosing the disease. I also learned that if Mike receives treatment for HIV he can live longer. The interventions will allow Mike to have a baby free from virus through PMTCT. The treatment prevents the development of HIV virus in the baby. The video displays the society lacks education about HIV and its treatments. The removal of social stigmas and awareness can allow Mike to extend his life and survive with family support.ReferenceTED. (2010). Why I am an HIV/AIDS activist. Retrieved 03 21, 2018, from

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