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Prompt 1Public health nurses combines community involvement and knowledge about the whole population with individual, clinical knowledge of the health and illness experts of the personal and families within the population. The main liability of these experts is to maintain the health checking level of the patients and provide better understanding of the illness. Public health nurses are knowledgeable about the multiple techniques for intervention from those applicable to the whole population. Example of public health nursing activity includes population groups and helping to identify initiatives for targeted interventions. Working with the groups or any population group can be the best example of public health nursing (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2015). Another liability or role of public health nursing is providing free education related to health, care management and primary care to the personnel and families which are members of the vulnerable population and high-risk community.Discussion Prompt #1As pr Rebecca Onie health care system in hospitals is provided better health care facilities to the patients to keep them healthy by providing information related to the illness. She said that project HEALTH is launched by them to inform the patient about his or her disease by which they can easily take the health benefits. Her organization serves more than 6 cities and their volunteers are helping the people at free of cost. It can be said that treating people by providing good health tips is the major role of health care experts in better and effective way. Writing prescriptions and providing free consultancy is the major role of health care experts by which they are able to cure the people of different diseases (Maurer & Smith, 2013). Health Leads major goal is to develop that kind of system by which they are able to develop the thinking among the people to visit the hospital for the better treatment.Discussion Prompt #2As per the technology transformation healthcare institutions are providing a different type of diets to the patients. In the year 2010 nutrition expert focuses on quality health services, food safety, health communication, immunization and infectious diseases and many more. It can be said that as the trends changes treatment to diseases is changing thus people are aware of nutrition diet. As per the trend analysis, it has been identified that 65% of the people are aware of the fitness and they are taking nutrition diet to cure themselves of the disease. Health care experts are providing free consultancy to the people about the nutrition food and also inform them about the disease due to lack of proper diet (Ivanov & Oden, 2013). In 2010 as per the survey health is not a major factor for the people but in upcoming year it becomes the major issue for the people.ReferenceIvanov, L. L., & Oden, T. L. (2013). Public health nursing, ethics, and human rights. Public Health Nursing, 30(3), 231-238.Maurer, F. A., & Smith, C. M. (2013). Community/public health nursing practice: Health for families and populations. Elsevier Health Sciences.Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2015). Public Health Nursing-E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community. Elsevier Health Sciences. 

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