Evidence Based Research Proposal – Research Process Narrative

Published: 2021-07-26 04:15:09
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Till now, my progress for the research paper and its content collection have been in middle of being “rapid” or “laborious.” I would not call it rapid as it required the extensive amount of brainstorming, narrowing down of the content, thinking and research. Also, I would not call it laborious as it took appropriately sufficient time. It involved more analysis and brainstorming instead of physical hard work. I believe to produce high-quality research work; it is important to have a firm and reliable foundation which requires extensive evaluation and comparative analysis. Rapidness can bring several limitations and quality constraints for the research work.The abstract is a great part of the research that presents a very comprehensive and succinct blueprint for the organization and direction of the paper. The carefully designed and developed abstract helped me in narrowing down my choice of content and literature for the study.The most effective approach when completing the appraisal and the evaluation table was breaking down of the resources and specifically evaluating their research designs, methodologies and conclusions. This break-down analysis and categorization of the studies in relevance to the key terms helped significantly. It helped in choosing and prioritizing the studies in order of the relevance to my study.Overall, I believe that the entire process of collecting, narrowing and choosing the appropriate studies and literature was a little tiresome and very critical. However, once done, this will make the entire process much easier.Week 4 Assignment 2Completed Evaluation TableIn separate RCA file!Search Term Track TableSearch #Initial search termsDatabaseAnd?Added search termsTitle (Ti)Anywhere, etc.# of articles found1Obesity, AdolescentsNCBI/PubMedImplications, weight managementWeight managementImplications of Obesity in Adolescents and importance of weight management1652Obesity, EducationNCBI/PubMedAwarenessSelf-efficacyThe importance of self-awareness and self-motivation in weight management5323Obesity, self-efficacy, self-motivationNCBI/PubMedSelf-motivation, willpower awarenessawarenessImpact of self-motivation and willpower in managing weight in adolescents1524Weight Loss, Health care costNCBI/PubMed/EBSCOWeight gain and diseasesCost, medication adherenceImpact of healthcare cost on patient adherence for the weight loss plan/project3105Health care cost, Life-threatening DiseasesNCBI/PubMedWeight loss/gainCost, adherenceImpact of healthcare cost on weight management and life-threatening diseases465ReferencesChen, J. L., & Wilkosz, M. E. (2014). Efficacy of technology-based interventions for obesity prevention in adolescents: a systematic review. Adolescent health, medicine, and therapeutics, 5, 159.Pich, J., del Mar Bibiloni, M., Pons, A., & Tur, J. A. (2015). Weight self-regulation process in adolescence: the relationship between control weight attitudes, behaviors, and body weight status. Frontiers in Nutrition, 2.Cunningham, S. A., Kramer, M. R., & Narayan, K. V. (2014). The incidence of childhood obesity in the United States. New England Journal of Medicine, 370(5), 403-411.Walpole, B., Dettmer, E., Morrongiello, B. A., McCrindle, B. W., & Hamilton, J. (2013). Motivational interviewing to enhance self-efficacy and promote weight loss in overweight and obese adolescents: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of pediatric psychology, 38(9), 944-953.Katz, I., Madjar, N., & Harari, A. (2015). Parental support and adolescent motivation for dieting: The self-determination theory perspective. The Journal of Psychology, 149(5), 461-479.Finkelstein, E. A., Kruger, E., & Karnawat, S. (2015). Cost-effectiveness analysis of Qsymia for weight loss. PharmacoEconomics, 33(7), 699-706.Finkelstein, E. A., & Kruger, E. (2014). Meta‐and cost‐effectiveness analysis of commercial weight loss strategies. Obesity, 22(9), 1942-1951.Grandy, S., Fox, K. M., Hardy, E., & SHIELD Study Group. (2013). Association of weight loss and medication adherence among adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus: SHIELD (Study to Help Improve Early evaluation and management of risk factors Leading to Diabetes). Current Therapeutic Research, 75, 77-82.

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