Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology: Implications for Research and Research Training

Published: 2021-08-03 06:45:07
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The main point of view of this research article is to address problems mostly ignored in research clinics. The author believes new framework needs to be established to improve evidence-based psychological practice, involves bringing new content into methodology, training, design, and research. Improvement in mental exercise provides new tools to teach students thus equipping them with capability.The primary assumption of the author is that: recently people have an idea that psychologists give health care and mental health care. Expansion of evidence-based in psychology practice will help psychologists to build ideas related and methodological bridges with partners in medicine, nursing pharmacy, and public health and health professionals. Agendas of evidence-based practice are extensive and have similarities. (Guilford, 2015).Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future’This research article main point of view is that research is changing from medical model of treatment study to practice-based model focusing on the therapeutic relationship of people. Feedback is provided through research and evaluation and also measures the quality of therapy.The primary assumption of the author is that practice-based evidence traps rich research traditions providing right tools to work with youths and interventions to the individual child in an ecosystem. Research-based visible changes the world one child at a time using human relationships. Research-based evidence method has biases like all other types of research. Guidance to practice-based evidence is difficult to access, exempted from practice and also overwhelming, despite that, treatment based on evidence are in high use to control education, funding treatment, and human services. Therapy has a positive impact if it’s basis in on trust between a psychologist and a patient. Placing traumatized children in a toxic environment and withholding treatment has enough evidence that they destroy a kid’s life. (Larry, Martin & James, 2011).The opinion by Guilford, in evidence-based in psychology, holds. The author shows how improvements in this method will bring a positive impact to the mental health care.ReferencesGuilford, A. (2015). Evidence-based practice in educational psychology. Educational Psychology, 31.Larry K. Brendtro, Martin L. Mitchell, & James Doncaster (2011). Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future, 19.

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