Ethical Issues in Consultation Video Analysis

Published: 2021-07-25 20:05:06
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The video has a comprehensive presentation of ethical issues in the field of consultation. Consult the client and therapist as a whole as well as psychotherapy, including ethical, therapeutic and therapeutic process; Good practice for therapists and concepts designed by customers with care. The basis is based on psychotherapy recommendations and values; principles of reliability, independence, loyalty, justice, family, knowledge and self-esteem, and provides practitioners’ standards of practice and care. The ethical framework contributes to therapeutic relationships and the development of the therapist, helping the optician’s decisions and guides their behavior and prosecution in the context of their legal rights and obligations. The ethics of structured ethics are within therapeutic relationships, and the therapists should be aware of their categories and be responsible for their forms. The therapist must follow the events physically, emotionally and psychologically inside and outside the room.Terms, regular delays, early interventions, missed sessions, etc. It is also important that this is necessary for the therapeutic relationship and process. Physical contact with the client is not prohibited and disclosed; However, real exposure is a form of the limit in the theoretical approach of the therapist and should be seen as a necessity that the client communicates to the fact that the customer has misunderstood clients. If the need for a contact is not sent to the client to a word, the therapist should not accept that the client must, because all transactions are contaminated. The use or lack of contact and self-exposure can be crucial in the therapeutic process.

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