Effects of News Media

Published: 2021-07-28 17:35:06
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Facebook has impacted the culture of the American people. The information that is disseminated especially those that concerns families and personalities have been found to have great influence on American’s culture. The implication is that the lives of the Americans are reflected on what is going in the newsrooms. However, the news which is disseminated through Facebook and the mainstream media have a responsibility in ensuring ensure that whatever news is being conveyed is trustworthy.Moreover, social Responsibility remains to be an integral part of the Facebook usage. Each individual should take initiative and responsibility of only using social media to convey correct information that aims to build the society. Facebook users should strive to be responsible and convey responsible messages that are uniting the people. However, those that propagate divisiveness, hate and criminal activities are gaining back the gains media has made. Facebook users have a critical social responsibility that impacted the culture of the American people.The use of social media, Facebook has also grown due to the availability of smartphones. Through the social media, people can watch news from different parts of the country. Notably, some people who have misused social media have been fired by their bosses. Therefore, social media users should take caution before conveying any information through social media platform. Overall, the information must be accurate and that which helps in peace building and cohesion.Through the theory of rhetoric, has an essential duty of shaping and reshaping country’s political perception. The emergence Facebook have dramatically ad substantially changed the art of journalism because of the digital technology. Previously, people could only wait to buy newspapers every morning. The reason being it was the only available on non-electronic media that people relied on. As a matter of fact, the news fast appears on online media before it is printed in the newspapers. Currently, most media has embrace technology. Social media has enabled socialization through the use of smartphones and technology. Through Facebook, an individual learns the manners of life of their society. These people are expected to learn the way of conducting business and develop the ability as well as the potential to purpose both as an individual and as part and parcel of the society through internalizing the culture whereby the nation is founded on. Facebook have affected the culture of the American people. Through social media, Facebook and hence socialization, a person will understand the norms as well as the values of the society. In doing so, a person will be capable of developing the real sense of self. Furthermore, media and media news should contribute to gender equality by presenting both genders at the same level.

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