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It is a fact that in the early days, people with various disabilities failed to attain much approval from the society and the general public. This was the critical reason explaining why, people especially children, with a disability were hidden from the other ordinary people. The community did not accord them excellent and fair treatment and acknowledgment. The disabled people usually received a shocking or scary look. Precisely, if any person came in public, they were poorly handled and treated. This led to a situation in which the people with disabilities became entirely dependent (Schattner, 2017).The average people were also confused on how to perceive people with various disabilities whenever they meet them. The ordinary people were torn between offering them a helping hand and assisting them or giving them pity. In the earlier years, there was a wide range of reasons as to why people were forced to hide their disabled children or relatives. Some of the explanations were about religious beliefs as well as the orthodox and superstitious thoughts and perceptions. Additionally, other believed in medically related reasons (Schattner, 2017).However, there are changes in the trend and patterns, and people are now coming out and acknowledging their disabled relatives. One of the primary reasons for this move is the fact that it was not only making them entirely dependent on others but was also expensive and costly. Furthermore, the perception and line of thinking are gradually changing and realizing disability is just an abnormal condition. The general public is slowly shifting and evolving from their standard line of thinking and reasoning and according to the disabled more respect as well as assisting them. This has enabled the people with disabilities to become more independent facilitating them to fight and live with their physical and mental disabilities. The acknowledgment in the community has also helped them to attain economic as well as the social independence (Schattner, 2017).It is in my belief that each person whether normal or mentally or physically disabled is entitled to a right to live a good life. Most social workers, people related to the disabled and the disabled individuals themselves are accorded to the rights to make decisions regarding their lives and to make plans and steps to enhance it. Consequently, varying people have a wide range of views regarding these individuals. However, these perceptions and options are also improving, and people are slowly accepting and supporting the disabled financially as well as in offering services. Social employees can assist in raising the issue and bringing the challenges of these persons in public (Schattner, 2017). They can best raise the concerns and assist them in improving their conditions. They can also help them become independent and obtain the acceptance and recognition they deserve from the society through their social efforts.ReferencesSchattner, A. (2017). Disabled to work? Impairment, the in/ability to work and perceptions of dis/ability in late medieval and early modern Germany. Disability Studies Quarterly, 37(4). http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v37i4.6105

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