Concerns About Active Acquired Immunity

Published: 2021-07-13 18:55:07
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Immunity can be defined as the ability of the human body system to tolerate the existence of the indigenous materials as well as its ability to eliminate those which are foreign. These abilities provide protection to the body against infectious disease causing microbes. Active immunity is individuals’ own immunity or protection and it lasts for a life time (CDC, 2017). Vaccines are an achievement in the public health as they played a significant role in eradication of smallpox and the control of measles, polio, rubella and other diseases which are infectious (Australian government department of health and aging, 2013).Despite the milestone made in the prevention as well as the eradication of the diseases the vaccinations most especially the childhood vaccination has in the recent years met concerns about their safety by parents. The parents have declined the recommended children’s vaccines which has led to the resurgence of these diseases (Maglione et al, 2014). The myths concerning these vaccines such as they weaken the immune system, have toxic additives cause Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), seizures, febrile convulsions, asthma, allergies and many more are behind these concerns by parents (Australian government department of health and aging, 2013) .However, I would weigh more on the protective benefits of immunization which outweigh the adverse effects and the unproven myths. Multiple studies have lacked any link between vaccines and different types of conditions such as measles, rubella, mumps and autism (Maglione et al, 2014). Research indicates lack of evidence on the development of certain neurologic abnormalities like autism and other concerns in the administration of vaccines. Consequently, some studies have suggested that vaccines do not pose a safety and effectiveness concern to parents but they reduce the risk factors of infectious diseases to their children (Australian government department of health and aging, 2013). Through these studies I hope to change their perspective on the safety and effectiveness of vaccination to their children.ReferencesAustralian Government Department of Health and Aging. (2013). Myths and Realities Responding to Arguments Against Vaccination: A Guide for Providers. Retrieved from$File/full-publication-myths-and-realities-5th-ed-2013.pdfCDC. (2017). Immunology and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. Retrieved from, A. et al, (2014). Safety of Vaccines Used for Routine Immunization of US Children: A Systematic Review. American association of Pediatrics, 134(2).

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