Components of Parent / Family Engagement

Published: 2021-07-23 17:40:06
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Application, Community EngagementFamily and community engagement in education is increasingly recognized as a vital contributor to student academic achievement. The initial point of effective engagement program starts with the thorough teacher training and logical organization ion; the essential component of engagement is the teacher training. If the delivery of parents/community programs is committed and envisioned properly, it becomes more effective. For example, many schools in the United States provide comprehensive involvement training for parent volunteers and teachers. Various community organizations must also participate by building partnerships with schools to enhance student’s learning.Parenting skills support children as students; the effective communication skills from school to home are also important for students to progress. Learning at home with family involvement is necessary. Decision making is another important component of engagement which includes families and parents in schooling decisions. Parental leadership is another component to support students and schools.Impact of Parent / Community Involvement ProgramsWhen parents are involved in the education of children, it also involves the teachers, students, and schools with districts. The results of parental involvement are measured regarding students educational and grade achievements by using the tests scores of the standardized testing system. There is a direct link between the parental involvement and the student achievement. Those students who get the support of parents do not get dropped out of school easily and most likely to perform effectively school level.When parents involve in the education of kids, the outcomes are also positive for the parents including learning new skills and knowledge. They gain the confidence of their kids and increase their confidence as well; their employment opportunities improve over time. Parents develop more positive attitudes during involvements with their kids while the encounter several problems and challenges during their involvement. They make better decisions for their children at home and school and assist them with their choices at a deeper level. Parents who involve with their kids are more likely to overcome obstacles through the use of parent involvement strategies.Moreover, the schools which promote parental involvement also are found to have a superior and healthier educational and learning environment. They are well-managed schools with well-structured communications with parents. All these programs are associated with positive students outcomes with more parent/student interaction. The researchers suggest that relationship between the reduction in school dropout activity and parental involvement to enhance long-term student achievement.The School / Family Partnership FrameworkThe community of school plays a crucial part in raising family interactions with schools with a range of initiatives. The schools can employ and hire a specialist community enhancement officer to improve the communication links between parents and school. A forum can be created for parents to participate directly with the aim of increasing engagement. A meeting room should be a good idea for parents and teachers for private communication; the parents can meet teachers during lunch breaks and social activities at school.The school staff can purchase additional resources and provide workshops for parents to come and enhance their learning. The parents should be invited to schools and sit with teachers to discuss the curriculum materials for using in the classrooms. Parents should be encouraged for decision making in schools.References(2018). Retrieved 22 April 2018, from Retrieved 22 April 2018, from 4. (2018). Retrieved 22 April 2018, from

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