A Whisper of Aids Speech Analysis

Published: 2021-07-21 05:40:07
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Introduction Speeches have elements which make them standard or incomplete. When I entered the room, I could feel that who was before the audience was a professional speaker. This is according to how she made her speech in a systematic way starting from introduction, middle of the speech and a good conclusion. Therefore the paper below is an analysis of “A Whisper of Aids” and observations made during the session which is a form of speech. Therefore the analysis is based on purpose and audience, content and tone alongside the structure of the speech.Purpose and Audience“Whisper of Aids,” is a speech that was delivered to students in a school based in the United States of America. The speech is aiming peers on HIV/AIDs which was delivered by Mary one of HIV activists in United States of America. According to the flow of the speech, the speaker is an HIV/AIDs patient who is trying to give the experience of the disease to the audience hence sharing advice concerning the matter. The speaker admits that she bears a message of challenge and if she were asked she would never like to be HIV-positive. The audience is youth and teenagers who are at the age of adolescence. The speaker, Mary Fisher, was trying to create awareness on HIV/AIDS trying to explain on how the situation can be solved. The main reason of choosing such audience it is because according to her, they are the most targeted group by HIV globally.Content and ToneDuring her speech, Mary made essential points concerning the matter on HIV/AIDS. Firstly she made it clear to her audience that HIV is no more a threat but it is among them hence requires attention. She has also made it clear to the audience that the subject of the discussion which is HIV it is a killer disease since it has no cure, therefore, there is need to create prevention towards it. According to me this is the information which the audience required. They required an understanding of the subject, the threats associated with it and preventive measures in which the speaker outlined. In addition to that it was related to the attitude of mercy which would be useful in passing the message on prevention of HIV among the teen.StructureAccording to my observation, Mary the speaker of discussion made good structure on her speech. The way the speaker started her speech it won the attention of the audience. She makes her audience to feel part of the storyline by informing them that she was a victim of the discussed issue. In addition to that she segmented her speech into three regions which are the beginning, middle or the main body and definite conclusion. According to me with how Mary has outlined her speech it was useful. This is because of her tonal variation especially when giving real-life examples. However, the statement had no much of repetition but was parallel structured which made its efficiency.

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