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Published: 2021-07-23 11:30:06
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Assignment 1Choosing a coaching modelCoaching is an important role for a leader. The sessions conducted in coaching should be properly structured. GROW a model is a powerful tool in making the mentoring sessions because it is simple to use and work on a modest framework. GROW is an acronym that stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Will.In the first step of the model, Goals are established to see where the person wish to go. The second step includes an examination of current reality. The third step is about the exploration of possible options. These options provide a way to reach the objective. In the last step, the will of a person is established to see what he wants to do now. This comprehensive model starts with setting a goal and ends with making a proper decision after an in-depth analysis of current reality and possible alternatives.Chosen model as best practice for populationThe chosen population in this scenario is women. This model will help in empowering women to reach their objectives and achieve their desired goals further in life. Women are confused about many consequences because they are bound by responsibilities. Having clear and set objectives in life will be helpful to improve their confidence level and self-esteem. This model delivers a comprehensive picture for making a plan of any particular action. This can also be incorporated into the motivational sessions. The things about which a person is confused only need a clear understanding. Only if the person sits and jots down every possible opportunity in light of the given reality, this will be helpful in making the decision about what should be done next in life.Two techniques and their practiceThe two techniques selected to practice on another person are Reality and options. In the first technique, the person will be said to describe the current situation he is facing. This involves a couple of steps such as analyzing the starting point clearly. If any information is missing, then that should be added. The things that are happening now, the steps that in the process to reach the goal and any other conflicting goals that a person has should be made clear at the start (Cox et al., 2014).In the second technique, the person will be asked to see all the possible options. The first activity to be done is brainstorming. The suggestions are also provided from the side of the coach to make the select best possible option. Each of the options should be considered while keeping in mind its pros and cons.Analyzing strengths and challenges of coaching techniquesThe coaching techniques in this model are helpful because of their strong framework. At first, the goals are analyzed on the standards of SMART goals. This framework ensures that the goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Once these goals are clearly defined, the check for reality is done. This check helps in understanding the current position. This is a strong point because it is helpful in showing where the person should move forward in life. Analysis of options is useful because it determines the things that should be done to reach a specific goal. In the end, once the pros and cons of all the alternatives are determined, the will of a person is determined by choosing the options that are the best. The only challenge of this model is that it needs an expert to coach. If the coach does not know the right procedure and temperament necessary for coaching, this will be of no use (Grant, 2011).Things I need to know about my coaching careerCoaching is a promising career but there are few things that need to be developed in personality to be up to the mark of its standards. I, as a coach, want to have a clear idea about how can I market my skills. Entering into good contracts is important for me. The area I am focusing on includes motivational speaking. The sessions can be for schools, workplace or even in prisons. To progress in my career, I need to narrow my focus down and work more on improving my knowledge in the areas I am interested in. This will increase my chances of getting good contracts because having a knowledgeable and communicative personality are the essential things in a coaching career.Assignment 2Techniques to build rapport and trust Building rapport means that both parties should be attentive to a common goal and share a level of coordination. The mock session was conducted with a woman who wants to lose weight and need reinforcement for making a plan. In my session, I built rapport and trust by making her comfortable so that she can relax and feel appropriate for the discussion. Next, I tried to build some common grounds with her by reflecting upon the history and finding something similar. Sharing common experiences made it possible for her to define her problem clearly to me. I tried to see things from her perspective that why she want to lose weight by understanding her reasons. This was helpful in the later section of coaching session because she felt comfortable in sharing all the necessary information.Communication skills to create trustAt first, being a coach, I showed sincere interest in her goals so that she will have trust that I am serious in listening to her issues. I talked to her with respect and empathy. I told her truth about my experiences regarding her issue that made her comfortable about the fact that I will not judge him in any way. I only assured her of the things that I was confident about delivering. This made her trust me because there were no false promises. Trust cannot be built right away; it requires some time (Lewis & Gates, 2005). In this case, making her believe that I am listening to each detail she is providing was the best thing to do. Therefore, I tried my best to make her comfortable to trust me by showing respect, empathy, and attention.Introduction of informed consentInformed consent is the seeking permission from the client to perform any procedure or it is considered as a pledge that the information will be held confidential. In the case under discussion, it was important to introduce informed consent to her. I first made her understand that informed consent is signed so that I can give her complete details about the procedure. This helped in building trust by making it clear that I will tell her all the benefits, alternatives and risks associated with the procedure (Flory & Emanuel, 2004). I introduced it in a way that it is helpful in making her understand the plan of action. I think that telling her benefit in informed consent was the best way to introduce it. She understood the treatment procedure and all the controversies in the procedure were addressed properly.Assignment 3Skills that can be used in a coaching environmentThere is a range of skills that should be present in a coach for helping him in conducting successful coaching sessions. Then, these qualities are changed according to the particular situation of person they are working with. Some of the important skills needed by a coach in a coaching environment are here along with their strengths and challenges.The most prominent and significant skill is communication. The main job of a coach is to communicate with the clients and provide them with effective solutions after listening to their problems (Certo, 2018). If the communication is not carried out properly, this will result in many misunderstandings and the right purpose of coaching session will not be fulfilled. The key to effective coaching is building valuable relationships with other players in the activity. This shows that communication is a central thing in coaching. Listening is an important component of communicating and coaching as well so the listening skills of a coach should also be excellent. The strength of this skill is that it is helpful in understanding the situation clearly to coach others. The challenge of this skill is that it is not possible for all the coaches to develop this skill. This is something that can be developed but the person should be an extrovert naturally to demonstrate this skill.Having an open mind is a useful skill for a coach. This is important because the person with an open mind is open to new ideas and accept different ways of doing a thing. It is also helpful in acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of a coach. He will try to overcome the weaknesses and make the strength areas stronger for a better career. There are many structured activities that can be incorporated into coaching activities to have developments in future skills. This means that coaches should constantly try to improve their skill level have better future. The challenge of this skill is that sometimes coaches think that they are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and this overconfidence hinders them to improve their knowledge.Another important skill of coach is organizing and planning proper coaching sessions. If the coaching sessions are not structured properly, the performers become bored. Having a set of meaningful activities after planning can be helpful to improve the performance and outcome of the session. This process is carried out by identifying clear goals and needs of each performer in the session and then planning the session. When the planning process is carried forward with a systematic plan, the goal can be achieved correctly (Spurk et al., 2015). This strength of this skill is that it increases the interest of performers in the coaching session because every time they experience something new. The sense of confidence and achievement is enhanced. However, the challenge of this skill is that sometimes the plan is not formed according to the requirement of the audience.Evaluation and analysis is a key skill needed for coaching. In the initial stages of coaching, all the technical aspects should be analyzed properly to encounter any issues during the training session. Everything should be prepared on time. Not only physically but also mentally the plans should be perfect. There is a need to revise skills and knowledge of coaches so that they can meet the demands and needs of changing world. The challenge is the unfair analysis of previous sessions that lead to similar problems occurring in future coaching sessions to come.All these things can help in improving the level of coaching provided to performers if the challenges encountered in this process are addressed properly. This is best for the well-being of performer and development of coach as well. ReferencesCerto, S. C. 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