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3.1.   IntroductionThis section consists of data collection, method, research design, and participants, sampling methods, data analysis technique, data collections instruments and ethical concerns. This section will provide the research methodology that will be adopted for the study. The chapter will begin with an introduction, nature of the survey, justification for taking systematic review approach, the collection of data.3.2 Hypothesis testingAbout 50% of the graduates from Oman are unemployed. A research conducted in several colleges speculates that the graduates from these universities are more likely not to get employed. A random sample of 30 graduates from Oman colleges was obtained and 24 of these graduates were found to be currently unemployed.3.3.   Research designThe study mainly employed questionnaire approach and partly relied on the quantitative approach. Research design defines how the data will be collected and analyzed. The study employs descriptive survey. The descriptive survey described using variables and their relationship. 3.4.   Sampling TechniqueThe research will employ purposive sampling, where the researcher will look for literature that is relevant to the study. The participants would include 30 graduate’s employability in Oman. They would be given the questionnaire to fill on their views concerning the graduate employability in Oman.3.5.   InstrumentationThe study mainly employed quantitative research design where both primary and secondary sources were used. The primary data was gathered through the questionnaires which were distributed to 30 graduates in Oman. The questionnaire was divided into four parts to obtain information from the respondent. The first part contained the general information about the respondent, the second part gathered information about the employability of the graduates in Oman as well as the participants. The second part consisted of the competence and degree of education of the graduates. The data were analysed using frequency distribution tables. Further, the secondary sources employed in the research, which include books and journals, would be obtained from online and public libraries. The research was done on electronic databases online libraries, peer-reviewed journals and other materials that relate to the topic. The selection process will begin from choosing articles distinguished scholars to ensure that the research findings are accurate. To avoid choosing irrelevant literature, formulation of main words that are essential to research.3.6.   Data collectionThe data collected will be subjected to critical analysis. Different theories will be adopted in analysing quantitative data. The selected literature will be compared information contained will keenly read to check for their relevancy. The study partly employed literature search. This was chosen because the research is readily available in libraries as well as in online databases. The literature review will cover behavioural factors that are directly attributed to information security breaches in various organizations with the particular interest in academic works done by previous researchers in modelling such behaviours to aid the process of a comprehending impact of these factors on information security.3.7 Data analysisThe quantitative data were analysed trough statistical analysis. Quantitative data were analyzed through content analysis. The qualitative data were put into themes and analyzed. The results were summarized into tables and charts.3.8 Summary of the methodologyThe methodology considered the relevant ethical concerns of the collection of data. Ethical concerns are essential in doing research since it guides and gives the rules that the researcher needs to follow. Also, the responses found should be confidential, and should only be for the purpose of academics. Finally, the study will use literature that was published not later than five years ago. The respondent was not allowed to reveal their names. Pseudonyms were used. Moreover, the study sought to explore the factors influencing the employability of the graduates in Oman. It further explores various employability styles, the comparison between the age, competence, and degree of education of the graduates in Oman.

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