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Published: 2021-07-15 14:35:06
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Question 1ClutterClutter can easily distract and deviate the attention of the millennials. This is also because of the general psychology of the millennials as they are more into multitasking. However, because of the cluttering nature of multitasking or multi-observations, they are more likely to have less focus and reduced efficiency.When applying this theory on consumer attentiveness, the cluttering strategy in advertisements can also lead to reduced attentiveness, focus, and understanding by the millennials. They are more likely to focus on superficial idea or overview rather than understanding the in-depth analysis or purpose. Considering this aspect, it is a good idea that Ford has kept their marketing strategy very comprehensive, simple and to the point.Program Involvement On the other hand, the Program involvement is more direct and appropriate approach when it comes to consumer attention. In the case of Ford’s Marketing, the program involved was greatly considered. This strategy ensured that the attention of the consumers is directed in the right direction and a real and desired perception of the brand is created. The program involvement approach is also better as it targets the appropriate audiences and customizes the marketing strategy according to their dynamics.Question 3In the chosen advertisement of Ford Fiesta (Reference Figure), two of the following components are used most appropriately and properly for attracting the consumer attention.Color and VisualsThe color and visuals are very carefully chosen and placed in the advertisements. The gray background and the visuals of the bridge gives an impression of soberness, elite-ness, and perfection to the product. The visualization of the bridge symbolically represents the control over the natural forces using the excellence of technology. The placement of the red metallic car on the right 1/3rd side of the advertisement helps in embossing the product. It immediately catches the attention of the viewer. The red metallic color is a symbolic interpretation of being elite, unique and high class.Information QuantityThe information quantity in the advertisement is also very appropriately placed. The top right part of the advertisement has the caption in a bold white format that gives a subtle message to the viewer regarding the uniqueness of the product i.e. the use of technology and its excellence. Also, more technical and detailed information is given in small font size at the bottom of the advertisement on a white stripe and the logo on extreme bottom left which gives the image of professionalism and sophistication to the viewer.Question 4According to the Table A, following are the types of advertisements that are most likely to be ignored by the millennials:Newspaper AdsRadio AdsWhile following types of ads are more likely to be observed and noticed by the millennials.Internet Banner AdsInternet Search Engine AdsThe comparison of the above mentioned media shows that the millennials are more likely to be attracted towards the advertisements that are spread through contemporary modes of communication. These mediums offer more interactivity and engagement as compared to old forms of media advertisements such as Newspaper and TVs. The newspapers and TV do not offer interactivity, user responsiveness and real time engagement with the consumers.Considering that a major chunk of my chosen audience will be multitasking when watching Television, I would make sure that my advertisements have sounds, music, and jingles that would not only attract the attention of the audiences but will also be easier to memorize, recall and identify uniquely. Other than that, I would also use celebrities with greater following and consumer appeal to grab the attention and focus of the viewers.Question 5ImportanceIn their advertisements, the Ford make sure that they are making their importance felt and observed by the consumers. This is an important part of their brand perception and image. For instance, the chosen advertisement, the Ford is making their importance felt through the color, placement and the bold message scripted on the poster.Message InvolvementThe Ford advertisement and marketing strategy also focuses on the message involvement that has to be sent to the viewer to create a unique brand image and perception. This also creates a focused audience for the advertisement. For instance, the chosen ad shows that the car will be exceptional and valuable for those who value technology.Question 6SportyBMWMercedes SubaruVolkswagenSuburbanOff-RoadHyundai Wagon Scout 4×4Audi Avant Peugeot Volkswagen All trackLuxuryMercedes Audi All roadReference FigureQ 

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