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Published: 2021-07-18 23:35:07
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1. Many times, I visited an Apple store for purchase. Indeed, I am the person who is a loyal and dependable shopper of apple products. At the first time, I went to Apple store to purchase an iPhone 5. I want to make a purchase of iPhone 5 on the first visit. Several elements had an impact on my buying decision when I entered an Apple store to buy iPhone. The first thing that majority of people are familiar with Apple products for being expensive as well as exclusive. That time I had a lot of money to make a purchase. The second factor that was important to every customer the ease and comfort of using the pieces at the display. It was easy and cool for me to hold the item in my hand. Additionally, I can walk from one place to another effortlessly by holding the device. One more thing that I consider the quality as well as the excellence of iPhone 5 itself. This device had the best picture quality as well as a seamless display (Zhang, Liang & Wang, 2016). The final element was the professional attitude of trained staff for customer services. As well as, customers directly interact and communicate with experienced staff related to product elements (Stein & Ramaseshan, 2016).They provided me several guiding principles to use the iPhone 5 with ease. They also described different benefits that its competitors are not providing in its products. In fact, my store visit was incredible due to exclusive shopper oriented buying experience (Sands, Oppewal & Beverland, 2015).2. Layout of Apple store is significant as its free form design permits the shoppers to look through the store as they want on the basis of their interest. Shoppers can easily walk everywhere as well as browse stock of store according to their concern and interest (Pu et al., 2018). The layout of Apple store is unique and inimitable in its own way. It has been intended to grab the attention of shopper as well as to stimulate buyers to purchase their products (Beka, 2016). The design of store really attracts the concentration of buyer as well as persuade them to make purchase. It is helpful to direct the shopper within the store to exact place due to hanging signage. In this way, customer can get the real and actual experience of purchasing electronic products (Payne, 2017). Bright and dark lightning help to grab the attention of shopper to merchandise as well as generates interest and excitement. These dark lights have the real impact on customer buying decision which results in developing the brand image as well as product success. The seamless store is aimed to design strategically that highlighted products entices the concentration of shopper due to bright light (Lin & Cheng, 2015). In addition to, the use of dark light in store influences the mind of customer (Sachdeva & Goel, 2015). Moreover, Apple workforce does not wear tie and suit. They present themselves with the navy t-shirts and jeans in order to look friendly and casual to all kinds of shoppers. As a result, when shopper browses the merchandise, staffs wearing T-shirts of Apple make themselves accessible to reply any query. As a result, customer get the knowledge of new product Apple as well. Customers really feel privileged to have assistance and guidance of trained employees (Lemon & Verhoef, 2016).3. I consider the Apple a best retailer in America being a loyal and reliable customer. In addition to, Apple is well-known and famous for providing best merchandise with durability and quality (Powers, 2016). It is renowned for technology products. Furthermore, people wait by standing in rows over the day when the new product of Apple releases. Even people make preorders to buy the iPhone. As a result, people are ready to wait in rows for long hours just to buy newest device of Apple. Thus, Apple is popular in getting shoppers to be dependable to the brand. As well as, people feel honored to hold the exclusive premium products of Apple (Hamari, Hanner & Koivisto, 2017).4. I got an excellent and exceptional experience as I visited a local Apple store. Employees welcomed me as I entered into store and asked instantaneously for my wants. I requested for Apple watch, they rapidly searched a watch expert. Then this watch expert guided me the place where watches were on display. At that time, employee started to discuss about the styles of watch. All watches are displayed so strategically that I could easily see all presented styles at the same time. The layout and design of the store is simple to understand, as most of the famous products are presented in the middle and others are displayed in the opposite direction of it. The combination of lights and brightness has psychological effect on customers. As well as, I never get fed up at this electronic store while I does not like to spend time at other store. Genius bar is in the backside of stock but it is so visible due to overhead display. The layout facilitated me quickly to get the product I need. Frontline employees are so helpful in providing solid info to shoppers (Kearney, 2016). The seamless layout of store also assisted me to see the spot for help in case I want to. It was an incredible experience for me to visit a store and to enjoy the actual shopping experience.ReferencesStein, A., & Ramaseshan, B. (2016). Towards the identification of customer experience touch point elements. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 30, 8-19.Pu, D. E., Gromek, M. E., Bachman, W. M., Magnani, J. A., Carrigan, T. G., Delgado, J. D., … & Cranfill, E. C. F. (2018). U.S. Patent Application No. 15/619,732.Sachdeva, I., & Goel, S. (2015). Retail store environment and customer experience: a paradigm. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 19(3), 290-298.Lin, C. J., & Cheng, L. Y. (2015). An integrated model of service experience design improvement. The Service Industries Journal, 35(1-2), 62-80.Powers, T. L., J’Aime, C. J., & Jack, E. (2016). Price and Quality Value: Impacts on Store and Service Satisfaction. In Celebrating America’s Pastimes: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Marketing? (pp. 957-958). Springer, Cham.Hamari, J., Hanner, N., & Koivisto, J. (2017). Service quality explains why people use freemium services but not if they go premium: An empirical study in free-to-play games. International Journal of Information Management, 37(1), 1449-1459.Sands, S., Oppewal, H., & Beverland, M. (2015). How in-store educational and entertaining events influence shopper satisfaction. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 23, 9-20.Zhang, H., Liang, X., & Wang, S. (2016). Customer value anticipation, product innovativeness, and customer lifetime value: The moderating role of advertising strategy. Journal of Business Research, 69(9), 3725-3730.Payne, B. (2017). Brand Positioning and its Usefulness for Brand Management: the Case of Apple Inc. Newcastle Business School Student Journal, 1(1), 51-57.Kearney, T. (2016). In-Store Design and Marketing Effects: Taking Account of the Influence of Servicescape Design upon Retail Brand Frontline Employees. In Multi-Channel Marketing, Branding and Retail Design: New Challenges and Opportunities (pp. 193-217). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.Beka, R. (2016). Environmental Psychology and Product Design. International Journal of Psychological Studies, 8(2), 1.Lemon, K. N., & Verhoef, P. C. (2016). Understanding customer experience throughout the customer journey. Journal of Marketing, 80(6), 69-96.

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