Bridge to Terabithia Theme of Transformation

Published: 2021-08-05 17:15:06
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A major theme in the novel “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson is transformation. At the beginning of the novel, Jesse Aarons portrays the fearful, frustrated, angry and depressed character. After meeting Leslie and losing her, Jesse becomes transformed and becomes a courageous and brave individual who is free from anger and frustrations. Leslie Burke in the novel is characterized as an outgoing girl, intelligent, imaginative, innovative and who posses running, swimming and creative writing talents. Leslie is the one responsible for the creation of the imaginary kingdom of Terabithia (Paterson, 111). Leslie is a new student at Jesse’s school, and she not socially accepted by other students should know she develops a great friendship with Jesse. Through their friendship, Leslie is transformed and becomes more compassionate. Thus, the power of transformation in the Bridge of Terabithia comes from both outside and the inside. Jesse and Leslie’s friendship helped them to teach each other to become a better person. Therefore, the paper discusses the importance of the theme of transformation of the Jesse and Leslie characters in the Bridge of Terabithia novel.Theme of TransformationThe friendship between Jessie and Leslie leads to tremendous transformation. Leslie teaches Jesse to more courageous, more creative and more thoughtful. Due to their friendship, Jesse feels that he can exercise his feeling and become more fulfilling thus attaining self-esteem. Also, the friendship makes Jesse feel like with her the family is complete since she is making up the things that are in Jesse’s family life. Therefore, their friendship eliminates the fear of loneliness, this because without Jesse asserts he would be “lonesome.” Thus with the guidance of Leslie, Jesse is transformed to generosity, kind, better, courageous and more imaginative person (Paterson, 90). Hence, this theme demonstrates how friendship plays an important role in personal life. Having a good and loyal friend fully positivity can change your life for the better.Transformation theme helps in demonstrating the importance of mentor figure in one’s life. For instance, Jesse had the ambition to become an artist. His father disapproved his idea of becoming a good artist, but with help and encouragement from Miss Edmunds and the influence of the Leslie, he felt like he had authority over his life and he can follow his dream to become an artist. Leslie helps helped to be imaginative, hence; making him see “the poetry of the trees.” The Leslie companionship gives Jesse courage to fantasize himself as a professional artist. Therefore, the author uses this theme to convey a message of self-realization. Also, the theme encourages readers to follow their own dreams above the expectations of anybody.Consequently, the theme of transformation shows how characters in the novel matured. Jesse transformed into a courageous individual show that he had matured mentally and socially. Also, Leslie transformed into a more compassionate human being signifying that she had matured socially. Both Jesse and Leslie transformed and became better persons. Thus, therefore the theme of transformation showed the level of how the characters matured mentally and socially.Conclusion The theme of transformation in the novel “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson helps in conveys the author message to the readers. Therefore, after meeting Leslie and losing her, Jesse becomes transformed and becomes a courageous and brave individual who is free from anger and frustrations, thus; he is transformed. The theme helps in showing the importance of friendship, a mentor figure, growth, interaction, and self-realization in our society. The transformation of the characters experience in the novel depicts the experience students. The theme of transformation helps in illustrating the changes the characters of the novel undergo.Works CitedLehman, Barbara A. “Children’s choice and critical acclaim: A unified perspective for children’s literature.” Literacy Research and Instruction 30.3 (1991): 1-20.Paterson, Katherine. Bridge to terabithia. Noura Books, 2017.

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