Black Lives Matter Movement

Published: 2021-07-25 07:55:06
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This has been a piece of the development of society as individuals unite as one for security from outlaws and alternate advantages of human progress a framework was expected to the powers, every individual to ensure that everything is genuinely taken care of. In the absence of law and justice we have a circumstance while law implementation is sorted out and very much prepared constrain with the objective of securing every human being similarly under the umbrella of the same law. Such that we can see that there are different kinds of laws and systems that exist around the world, some of them are created according to the culture of the present society or some societies follow their traditional laws which might be implemented by their religion.Such is the case of Muslims who follow their Islamic law which might have a lot of different protocols and law prevailing codes than the common laws that are implemented by states. Even amongst a lot of Muslim states, it is not important that they follow their Islamic law. Considering several examples, like in the middle east, Muslim countries follow their state law which in their case might be derived from Islamic law. (Mumisa, Michael)As for considering the common law of United States penalty of death is viewed in a different way. Considering the opinion of Warden Rob, The burden of capital punishment for the wrongdoing of murder has a long history of acknowledgment both in the States and around Europe. The precedent-based law run the show forced a compulsory capital punishment on all indicted killers. What’s more, the punishment kept on being utilized by the mid twentieth century by most American States, despite the fact that the broadness of the precedent-based law control was lessened, at first by narrowing the class of homicides to be rebuffed by death and consequently by across the board selection of laws explicitly allowing juries the attentiveness to suggest kindness.The vast majority of the state laws in regards to capital punishment took after the lead of the supreme Court in endeavoring to restrain, however not take out, the attentiveness of a jury by unmistakably posting the sorts of killings which would give rise to a capital indictment. An ordinary illustration is the statutory plan in the Condition of Indiana. There, capital punishment is accessible for murder just if the indictment can demonstrate the presence of no less than one of the ‘exasperating conditions’ forced by the state lawmaking body. On the off chance that the respondent was sentenced to death at trial and a second technique takes after to decide the punishment. (Warden, Rob)Considering situations around the world where common law is practiced, it can be observed that there are different ways of finding someone guilty to death penalty. It depends on the consequences and the situation, how the jury decides. Thus, it is up to the law makers and practitioners of law such as advocates that how well they defend or prosecutes the case and seeing all this, the jury of 12 people in the court is to decide whether the person is a convicted felon or not. Even in death penalties, in common law there are different types. It might be the case whether the person should serve sometime in the prison cell, or he must be immediately sentenced to death, depending on the situation.Be that as it may, arranging the states as homogeneous promoters of law followers, does not precisely represent the structure of politics and justice of the country. Inside the limitations of confinement characterized by the Constitution, every State applies its own particular criminal law, and the national government is intrinsically banned from requiring the administrations of the States in applying the law which may include other punishments and death penalty in certain cases.Numerous observers in the States, have analyzed criminal equity framework have remarked on the extreme cases by giving well equipped legal advisors in genuine cases. There have been various cases archived of legal advisors with overpowering caseloads, legal advisors who were totally caught off guard for trial, and legal advisors who had no or inadequate involvement in taking care of complex matters. In capital cases particularly, the worries have been exceptional, with various cases at last being toppled because of the gross inadequacy of protection legal advisors designated to speak to poor respondents. (Warden, Rob)The prominence of any human being can be judged and based on his religion unless we are comparing the humans on the material bases. Religion is the only thing in this world that can become any person’s identity and for that we should have known in which religion we rely ourselves and what do we believe in it? In order to completely understand which religion is better than the other we had to go for a deep comparison between the two most basic and prominent religions of the world which are Islam and Christianism and the rules which every religion is following especially in the field of justice. There are many limitations in Islamic law system as compared to the United States law system. The American judicial establishment is grounded on antimonarchism traditional tolerance and federalism. While the U.S law allows you to exercise any religious conviction given that it is non-violent. (Edwards, Tito)To conclude the discussion, one can say that the current state of the Islamic laws and regulations are characterized majorly due to stereotypical assumptions of Radical Muslims. Media has played a huge role in shaping perspectives of people as they wanted by taking critical views of a few radicalistic Muslims into accord and spread them as opinions of Muslims at large. This is entirely unjust on part of all Muslims and has molded their image as terrorist and slaves of intolerant religion. However, researchers have established that fixed punishment for all corruptions and law breakings are basis of Islamic Shar’iah. Researchers and writers also infer that Islamic juries are devoid of freedom of choice in their verdicts of perpetrators in the Shar’iah Court System.The United States is considered to be a region full of inhabitants belonging to different regions, castes and colors. Many of the citizens believe that the country welcomes all types of people without any racial discrimination involved in its dealings. The multiple categories of difference (e.g., race, ethnicity, sexuality, national citizenship, immigration status, class, religion, ability, size) intersect with each other.However, some people, especially the blacks do not have the same opinion. They believe that they have face discrimination and biased attitude because they are the people of color. Most of the African American people are not represented equitably and appropriately in the governmental issues, therefore, the empowered and educated blacks are particularly interested in giving back to the society in terms of raising the voice for the rights of black people. Therefore, a movement called “Black Lives Matter” was initiated by the black population to ensure that awareness about the discrimination is created.However, soon some of the people started criticizing the movement. The critics gave rise to a response called “All Lives Matter” to criticize the same movement and to emphasize that the former movement is not needed as America is considered to be a bias-free society.Another social problem is the denial or lack of availability of justice for the black people in some communities which raise a concern for social change in the society and the general mindsets of people. This injustice has particularly been observed in the cases of unjust police shootings to unarmed black men and their unnecessary brutality towards the people of color.The movement was particularly initiated after the death of Trayvon Martin who was killed by his neighbor. Later, the neighbor was found not guilty of charge and therefore, this movement was started which escalated with more of the unjust killings. The primary purpose of this movement is to ensure that the black lives are also humanized and to ensure that their lives are not targeted intentionally.The movement was started as a necessary pro-black liberation movement. Nonetheless, the start of All Lives Matter Movement has been initiated as a socially acceptable way to show that the former movement is against the White people. The All Lives Movement highlights that the former movement is a way to provide public attention to black lives only and not to all other lives, which is contrary to the actual purpose of the former movement. This viewpoint has particularly arose during the presidency of Barack Obama where the Americans have started believing that racial discrimination has been eliminated. The All Lives Matter Movement therefore, criticizes the former movement to be ‘racist’ as it only focuses on the Black people. This instance also does not hold true as the movement calls upon the Americans to be more color-conscious; it does not in any way reflect any racism as it does not demand preference for the people of color.Conclusion:Keeping in view both of the viewpoints, I believe that Black Lives Matter Movement is not only a form of awareness but in fact, it is crucial to ensure that the black people are treated equally. One of the primary purposes of the movement is to transform the criminal justice system of the American society which gives pure autonomy to the police officers to kill people mercilessly. It is a rights-based movement meant to ensure that the black people are treated equally. The All Lives Matter Movement started by the ignorant population is meant to ensure that no debate is performed about the racial discrimination and that the injustice stays abundant in society. Nonetheless, the blacks are now educated and empowered and the goal of their movement will ensure that equal opportunities and equal rights are provided to all people, especially to the people of color.

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