Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids 2018

Published: 2021-08-01 01:00:08
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Getting the best noise cancelling headphones for kids is a wise investment by parents who wish to enhance their children’s hearing safety as well as allow them to have uninterrupted entertainment even in crowded places. If you are a guardian, I am sure you can relate the importance of these gadgets especially for the kind that like travelling over long distances in crowded planes.Children have become noisier and the only way to tune them out is by getting them safe headphones. If you looking for the best noise cancelling headphones in the market today, I recommend you keep reading.Our review of the best noise cancelling headphones for kids covers toddlers all the way to teenagers. Some of these could as well be used by moms or dads in case the youngsters get tired of them.Puro BT2200 HeadphonesThe Puro BT2200 is probably the priciest pair in our list due to their volume-limitation abilities alongside the combination of build quality, comfort and sound quality. The pairs can fit school-age kids perfectly well but may appear too big for small toddlers.In most tests, the headphones played at an average of 85dB so they don’t blow off the eardrums. When used wirelessly and at the highest volume, the headphone had a battery life of 18 hours with no possibility of being overpowered. The oversized cups are responsible for enhancing the noise cancelling properties of the headphones that cut sound by 82% at 1 kHz.With this headphones, your young ones are assure of amazing sound in part due to the quality build and the level of technology used in the creation of 40mm drivers. The headphone is accompanied by a microphone and a cable in case the charge is depleted which is an unlikely occurrence.The weight of Puro BT2200 as compared to other headsets is heavier at 5.5 ounces due to the solid aluminum build which increases durability. The gadget comes in different colors including Blue, Silver, Purple, White and Black.LilGadgets Untangled Pro headphonesThe LilGadgets Untangled headphone is highly rated for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is wireless meaning parents do not have to worry about wires. Onwards, it has two cables that lets you share and the other is for charging. That’s right, in case your child wants to share with fellow youngsters they can as well listen using the sharing cable.You may be pleased to know that the headphones come with a 48” cable and this may prove handy while on the road. Strange as it may seem, the headphones have a volume limiting ability that maintains the volume at 93db thus creating a quiet environment for the little ones. The drivers’ length is 40mm with the battery life approx. 12 hours or 180 hours on standby mode.The LilGadgets Untangled Pro headphones are sound deadening to an extent due to the cups. On purchase, the headphone comes in a variety of hues and as such a part of the funds go to bullying prevention to boot. The price is slightly cheaper than Puro BT2200 which are our favorites but still provides a good alternative.Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For KidsThe Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids is an interesting gadget that comes with a lifetime warranty with a promise of 100 percent satisfaction. The headphones are in a variety of colors that would appeal to any boy or girl who loves music. This noise blocking headphones are compatible with virtually any portable gadgets as long as they have a 3.5mm audio jacks and surprisingly, they retail at a fair price of approx. $20 considering their good quality.Besides the quality build that increases the headphone’s durability, the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for children also offer lots of comfort to the minors. The headphones are custom made and can perfectly fit toddlers aged 2 years and above. The adjustable headband allows the kids to use the headphones even as they grow older while the full-sized ear cups are generously cushioned to increase the comfort levels of the gadgets.In addition, the headphones come with a Volume Limit Cable which adjusts the volume levels to 80% or 20dB lower of the original levels. This feature gives parents a peace of mind as they are aware that their children’s safety is guaranteed even when the kids have the headphones on for long hours.Factors to consider when looking for the best noise cancelling Headphones for childrenThere are a lot of headphones for children in the market today and to choose the best one for your kids, it is better to narrow your search by identifying some qualities and features that may work well for both you and your kids. Here are some aspects that you need to consider before making the purchase decisionComfort and secure fitCost (value for money)DurabilitySound reducing featuresVolume limiting featuresFAQPerhaps the following questions and answers will further help parents to identify the most suitable headphones for their young ones.What are noise cancelling headphones?These are headphones that use the art of sound control to reduce unwanted ambient sound.How do noise canceling headphones work?Noise cancelling headphones have a miniature microphone locate in the earpiece and that is responsible for filtering ambient noise.Do noise Cancelling headphones block out voices?Yes. The headphones have different means of noise-cancellation. This means that the gadgets can filter or block as much ambient noise as they can to allow children listen to music in quiet surroundings while at the same time ensure that they are aware of their environment.Are noise canceling headphones safe?Unlike devices such as mobile phones, noise-cancelling headphones do not pose any potential dangers to human because they do not emit low level radiations.Are noise canceling headphones worth it?Headphones are not entirely perfect in places with high frequency noise. However, in areas with low, steady sounds such as in a plane, the headphones can easily cancel out the noiseHow to use noise cancelling headphones?Noise-cancelling headphones perform best during travels in areas such as the aviation environment, in vehicles or any other place where there is low, steady sound. The headphones enhance hearing while effectively allowing you to listen to important notifications.If you are searching for the best noise cancelling headphones in the market today, a pair that limits maximum volume is the best alternative. Our number one recommendation is the Puro BT2200 headphones which are a bit pricier than the rest, but contain great features that make it more effective in creating a soundproof environment for your kids. The second best alternative would probably be LilGadgets Untangled Pro headphones which make parents to worry less about damaged cables while promoting the ability of sharing music and videos among siblings.

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