Behavioral Therapy Reflection Paper

Published: 2021-07-20 18:00:06
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Theory Behavioral therapy is based on the theory of classical conditioning. According to this theory, all behavior is learned, and the individual can learn the appropriate behavior easily. It can be understood by acknowledging four areas of development, i.e., classical conditioning, operant conditioning, social cognitive theory and cognitive behavior therapy. Behavior therapy is used for the treatment of many psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, eating disorder and stress (Corey, 2015). I have selected this theory because of its stern dependence on the codes of the scientific method. The process of treatment and evaluation co-occurs which makes the treatment of the client very easy for the therapist. This therapy creates a link between individual and environment. Treating a client using this therapy is active and do not use any medication and drugs.Selected Goals for TherapyThe general goals of this therapy are to alter the behavior of the client and to create new conditions for learning, and the most important goals of this therapy are to help the client in solving their problems on their own. Clients are asked to assume an active role by performing certain actions which can help them in solving their problems. This therapy efficiently helps the clients in changing their behavior and assisting them in problem-solving (Corey, 2015). Behavior therapy deals with the current problems and issues of clients that are affecting them at present rather than going in the past of the client and help them in behavioral change. This therapy helps in solving individual problems of a client.Role & Function of the TherapistThe fundamental goal and function of a behavior therapist is to efficiently treat a client who is suffering from mental disorders. Behavior therapist work as consultants or problem solvers. The therapist first conducts a thorough assessment of the client and gathers necessary information. The next step is known as ABC model in which the therapist builds a link between the event, behavior of the client and the consequences of the act. The therapist then uses different strategies which promote generalization and maintenance of behavior change. The clients are encouraged by the therapist in identifying their problems and with the help of behavior learning the clients can make changes in their behavior which is helpful in solving the specific problem. The therapist has to make interventions and assessments throughout the treatmentTechniques to be used.There are different techniques which are used by the therapists depending upon the problem of a client. If a client is phobic to something flooding technique is most suitable. This technique works by directly exposing the patient to the fear. Operant condition technique is used when a therapist wants to alter the behavior of the client. This method uses positive and negative reinforcements, but psychologists are of the view that only positive reinforcements should be used for the treatment of the client. Progressive muscle relaxation method can be used to treat stress and depression. In order to cure stress and anxiety, systematic desensitization method is most appropriate. This method exposes the patient to situations which arouses stress and anxiety, and gradually they become prone to the condition (Corey, 2015)Expectations of ClientTreating a client using behavior therapy requires a close relationship between the client and the therapist. Client’s awareness and participation in the therapeutic process is most expected. Clients are expected to do their home assignments and give regular feedbacks (Corey, 2015). They are expected translate the change in their daily lives. The clients should be willing to make changes in their lives and to keep on implementing them unless this happens behavior therapy is useless.ReferencesCorey, G. (2015). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy. Nelson Education.

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