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Published: 2021-07-13 22:55:08
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In everyday activities, human beings need information about their health so as to keep their bodies strong and healthy to work for their needs. Passing this kind of information to all people and especially the youth will enable them to be focused and avoid some of activities that may affect their health negatively. The aim of this essay is to pass crucial information to the people especially the youth. Goggles Johnny is a means of communicating important information about sex and health. Beer Goggles Johnny is a guide to sexual health. It focuses on the safe sex as a better way of preventing all sexually transmitted infections as well as HIV. It also argues that the best way to detect the infections is only by testing. The aim of this is to save lives of people by providing the ways to avoid HIV and STIs for both men and female so as to keep everyone healthy and have fun in a safe way (Harper, C.R., Becasen, pp.52-58, 2018). The campaign is mainly targeting people aged 18years to 35years both men and women. He advices them to use condom all the time they have to have sex so as to be in the save side as far as their health is concerned. This will protect not only HIV and STIs but also the pregnancy as well. He argues that one cannot tell whether someone has HIV or not by just looking at them. Therefore, to be on the save side one should take the responsibility and respect his or her partner and use condoms anytime you have sex. He also advices both men and women to carry condoms everywhere they go. This is because many STIs are symptomless and one cannot tell whether he or she is infected. Therefore according to Johnny’s campaign, youth are mostly targeted since they are most infected by these diseases. Johnny’s campaign has got the partners who work together in educating young people on HIV and STIs as well as unexpected pregnancies. These partners are the sexual health clinics and departments. Their main work is to test the infections as well as providing condoms to people. They are encouraging anybody who have had unprotected sex to turn up for testing so as to be on save side to avoid the transmission of the infections. They are advocating for early diagnosis and treatment to people. This will enable them to have long healthy lives. Johnny’s campaign and his partners have a common agenda for saving lives of men and women. These partners actually are supporting the campaign by advising as well as providing services to both affected and infected. These clinics provide services as well as the protection and to an extent, they also provide treatment of some infections. However, they advocate for protection rather than treatment since some infections like AIDs are not treatable. Therefore, these partners have made Johnny’s campaign run smoothly as they are advising people on regular testing and having healthy sex (Caccamo, A., Beltran,2018). The campaign was successful. Many people got the information and applied it. Most people are having healthy sex hence minimizing the transmission of the infections. In case of a sign or no sign, people have visited these clinics and had a blood test. Therefore, according to Johnny’s campaign, people should be tested regularly. They also have to use condoms anytime they are having sex so as to reduce the infections as well. Through this way, the infection will be minimal and people will have healthy lives. Dittus, P.J., Harper, C.R., Becasen, J.S., Donatello, R.A. and Ethier, K.A., 2018. Structural Intervention With School Nurses Increases Receipt of Sexual Health Care Among Male High School Students. Journal of Adolescent Health, 62(1), pp.52-58. Habel, M.A., Caccamo, A., Beltran, O., Becasen, J., Pearson, W.S. and Dittus, P., 2018. The state of sexual health services at US colleges and universities. Journal of American college health, (just-accepted), pp.00-00.

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