Baltimore Museum of Art

Published: 2021-07-13 07:10:06
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Baltimore Museum of art is located in the United States of America and was founded in 1914. The museum is associated with art of all kinds of drawing, painting coloring, ancient mosaics and cutting-edge contemporary art. Baltimore museum was started with a single painting, this day the museum holds more than eighty thousand work of arts. The museum holds arts from a different artist in the world, American, European, China and the rest of the world. The museum showcase work of arts from around the which involves paintings, drawings sculpture mosaics, and textiles. The museum is used as a cultural heritage for the universe since it represents all kind of arts across the universe. Baltimore serves as a unifying platform for identification of artists across the globe. They all come here to showcase their art which is accepted in the market for tourism by members from other nations. The museum is a landmark, it is visited by people from all corners of the universe. Artist brings their art here to experience honor from different nations, this promotes competitive innovation of different arts. Artist also benefits from events happening in the museum, they create partnerships with other artist and cooperates in this art field around the world. The artist is the main beneficiaries of thus events, many of them create income in this organized happening (Cooks, 2011).Technology plays a significant role in this event. In order to gain popularity among other nations, Baltimore event is broadcast across the world. This increase the number of visitors who come to this annual event. Upon the renovation of the museum in 2012, the event has been a successful experience for the museum committee. If it was not for the media Baltimore would not be a known museum worldwide. When events are been organized, the media platforms are informed in advance so that visitors can prepare adequately. Also, the technology has acted as a bridge between the audience and the information of art in the museum. Details of what the museum holds concerning art are all explained on the internet, this has made it easier for people who are interested in art be part of the audience.Artist in this organized events benefit extremely, first, they are the main cause as to why the event is happening. Second, they come to showcase their latest artwork to a range where they are compared to other arts from another artist. Artist creates connections with prominent cooperates who can endorse they art and fund their art for other events viewing (Garoian, 2013). The events create a major platform for artist to range their art and focus on better crafting for next events. Artist also creates income in this events when audience requires buying the arts, not necessary at the events but at other occasions. This artist learns from their colleagues on the different crafting of artwork, they pick unique traits and ideas form a wide selection of arts. Apart from the artist, the audience also acquires important lessons and ideas from this arts at the event. For instance, some of the audience come to this events to learn how to craft this art, when the event is over the audience will have collected certain ideas. Other audience may be bloggers or writers who benefit from this Baltimore event and use it for their gain and subject to their careers.According to the capacity of the Baltimore museum, it holds hundreds of thousands of people who pay for the service of the event. This event creates Income for the maintenance and renovation of the museum. This event attracts visitors from different parts of the universe who bring foreign exchange in United State America as a form of tourism. This foreign exchange is included in the budget of the nation, hence equipping the economy. In the stay of this visitors and tourist, they also purchase and tour other parts of the nation (Nord, 2014).ReferencesCooks, B. R. (2011). Exhibiting Blackness: African Americans and the American art museum. Univ of Massachusetts Press.Garoian, C. R. (2013). In the event that art occurs. Visual Arts Research, 39(1), 18-34.Nord, P. (2014). Impressionists and politics: art and democracy in the nineteenth century. Routledge.

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