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Published: 2021-07-30 16:30:08
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IntroductionAutism is often described as the pervasive and crucial deficiencies in many development areas of a person including the communications, and reciprocal social interaction as well as weakness in the imagination and the behavior of the person ( Autism can be identified in all these areas of development in the age of even three. If the autism is being noticed at the beginning of the child development by the parents, there is a difficulty in the detection of the autism before the age of eighteen months. Because the symptoms of the behavioral development need to establish to get noticed until that age. Most of the children who have the autism may have difficulty in learning, and some may have average intelligence. Disability in the visual aspect and also impairment in the hearing perspective even the symptoms of the autism.About one to two children out of every thousand have autism, which means that in Sweden every year about one hundred of the children are born with autism. Mostly more boys are having autism than the girls. It is being proven that the boys have almost five times more autism than the girls. Autism can develop in any child of any racism and socioeconomic groups. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder which is a genetic component in many cases. Many persons have the perspective that various types of vaccinations may lead towards the autism. Amon this vaccination Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is being considered to have some link with the Autism spectrum disorder.DiscussionA rate of the autism has increased at an extraordinary rate in the developing countries in the last few years. Those children who were born in 1992, one in 250 of these children have autism spectrum disorder, while the children who were born 2004, one out of every sixty-eight of them are diagnosed to have the autism spectrum disorder ( It is not yet clear that the higher rates of the autism are due to the change in the definition of the autism, due to the increased in the reporting and identification or due to the increase in the autism spectrum disorder’ development. Both the parents and different researchers are worried about the cause of the autism. Many of the parents think that vaccinations are the main risk factors for the development of the autism. Perhaps, vaccinations received most of the scrutiny for causing the autism development disorder. Moreover, around one-third of the people having autism can suffer from the nonverbal disease, whereas, the mental disorder has been seen in about one-third of the persons incurring from autism (Kanner, 2016). Furthermore, seizures, attention deficit, gastrointestinal disorder, anxiety, and phobias can also be used due to the Autism.Mostly, people believed that the Measles, mumps, and rubella named as MMR vaccines are the cause of the autism spectrum disorder. The fear that the vaccinations result in the autism originated during a study in 1997 made by Andrew Wakefield. But his paper later discredited completely because of the serious undisclosed financial conflict of interest, and by the ethical violations. People believed that the Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) is so catastrophic that they can cause side effects in the children. It is also thought that the Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) failed in long-term efficacy in preventing the disease. Most of the people also believed that the natural immunity is sufficient for the development and there is no reason for getting the vaccination to the children due to its risk.Many think that the age and the associated social changes are the primary persuading aspects in the immunization’s timing. Until the significant onset age of the autism, most of the parents delayed the process of vaccination, and they believed that the school starting age is the main risky one in the contribution of the autism. Most parents have this negative perception of Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine’s link with the autism spectrum disorder is because this issue has been the very high profile in the news in the recent years.Many scientists once believed that the Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is the main reason behind the autism spectrum disorder. In 1995, a group of British researchers published their paper in which they proposed that the individual who are vaccinated with the MMR vaccine had been subjected to autism more than the individuals with no vaccination of the MMR. One of these British researchers also states that there is a link between the autism disease and vaccine because the vaccine disrupts the intestinal tissue which leads towards the autism spectrum disorder also known as neuropsychiatric disease. However, parents had a wide range of the different concerns about the effect of the vaccination on their children and potentially negative results in relating to the non-immunization. Mostly, parents reject the Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine due to the concern that this vaccination can have a negative impact on the child’s developing immune system.In addition to this hypothesis Wakefield in 1998, made a study in claiming that they found certain evidence of the autism in the 12 cases that had some symptoms of the measles viruses in their digestive system after getting the vaccines of the Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). Although they also state that they were not able to demonstrate a specific relationship between the autism and Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). However, in 2011 BMJ published a report of British journalists which states that the Wakefield’s work was a fatal flaw. He stated that many parents of the children had stated that Wakefield’s work was a total fraud by given the false data about the conditions of the children. Moreover, that journalist also indicates that eight of the children among the studied twelve have the autism-like symptoms after the vaccination as reported by the Wakefield’s work was not right because only two among the twelve children showed these symptoms.Moreover, only MMR is not the vaccine under criticism; after the controversy with the MMR, many people believed that the thimerosal which is used in some vaccines is the reason behind the autism spectrum disorder. Due to the mercury-containing perspective of this vaccine, it is being stated that its exposure to the vaccine can lead towards the autism. So, the United States ordered to remove the thimerosal from the vaccines to reduces the exposure of the mercury, which may result in any disorder. As many vaccines have been added to the immunization schedule of the children, some of the people think that this increase of the vaccine’s exposure can lead towards the autism spectrum disorder.Moreover, there are many myths about the consumption of the vaccines to the children. One of the tales is that a children immune system that much strong that it can handle so many vaccines to them. Well, the fact is that the infant immune system of the children is much stronger than as we think. There are a number of the antibodies present inside the body of the children which can withstand about ten thousand of the vaccines at the same time. Only 0.1% percent of the baby’s immune capacity will be used if all the 14 scheduled vaccines would be given to a baby at one time (Retaskie, 2015). As the cells in the immune system are continually being replenished, so there is no threat of the overwhelmed of the body’s immune system ( In fact, the babies are subject to numerous viruses and bacteria in a day which has no comparison with the immunization.Additionally, people believed that the use of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde could be dangerous. Well, it is true that for human body these chemicals are dangerous and toxic, but only if used in the higher amount. Only small traces of these chemicals are being used in the vaccines that are approved by FDA. Also, FDA claims that formaldehyde used is being produced at a higher rate by their system of metabolic and there is no scientific evidence about the small amount of these chemicals can cause harm. Despicable of the concern of the parents, vaccines have been successfully given to the children for many decades. Furthermore, there is no immediate danger including the allergies or other side effects or the incidence of the death are often negligible that there is any linkage between autism and vaccines.ConclusionIncreasing use of the vaccines can be harmful to the immune system of the children, but studies from different scientists have shown that vaccination has no linkage with the Autism spectrum disorder. Moreover, the studies have shown that the child immune system is much stronger than it can withstand the high usage of the vaccination even it can stand one thousand vaccination at a single time. Furthermore, the FDA claims that the formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum that are used in the vaccines have a minimal amount of them in it, which are not hazardous in resulting the autism.ReferencesWhat Is Autism?. (2018). Autism Speaks. Retrieved 14 April 2018, from Vaccines Cause Autism? | History of Vaccines. (2016). Retrieved 14 April 2018, from, L., & Asperger, H. (2016). Introduction to Autism.Retaskie, K. (2015). Parents Perceptions of Autism Spectrum Disorder.Vaccine Myths Debunked | (2014). Retrieved 14 April 2018, from

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